Welcome to Arequipa!

A couple of years ago (Sept 2012), we uprooted our family and moved to the foreign mission field with a Christian missions organization called Mission To the World (MTW).   We started out in Bogotá, Colombia for a year-and-a-half long training program, then in December of 2013 we packed up again and headed to Arequipa, Peru, where we are serving long-term.   We are praying that the Lord will use us here in Arequipa for years to come.

Our calling and mission is to assist the locals in planting vibrant, God-centered, Bible-preaching churches in Latin America, and we hope to get involved in and help build up the community through mercy ministries (like medical ministries, street-child/orphan ministries, construction ministries, etc).   We are still getting our bearings and learning as much as we can about this beautiful city and the people who live here, but we are excited to see where the Lord will lead us and the doors he will open for work and ministry in the future.

We have a website for our team, where you can receive updates, send in prayer requests, meet the rest of our team, and sign up for a newsletter. You can also learn how to support us and our ministry, which we would LOVE.  Please head on over and check it out!

Please email me or comment on a post if you would like to know more about missions (short term, long term, support, prayer, etc).  We would love to hear from you!

One thought on “Missions

  1. hi! I found you via January Reflections. :-)
    My family is also with MTW, headed to the US/Mexico border. We’re currently in language school in Costa Rica & will finish here in April, though I am quite sure we’ll never be finished learning Spanish!
    And, I have twins- they are soon to turn 12. They are fraternal girls, not a bit alike, but fast friends.
    It gets easier, I promise!
    All in all, that seems like a bit in common. If you need a friendly ear, write any time!
    Blessings abundant!


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