Meet Luís

It’s now been a little over 3 weeks since our little family grew to add one more, and even though he’s not “officially” a Bonham for a few more days until we get our final paperwork, he’s already one of us.  It’s about time that I introduce you to the tiny little Colombian who has changed our family and our hearts forever.

Friends, meet Luís.


It has been interesting over the past 3 weeks to watch his little personality emerge.   At first, we weren’t sure what parts were “the REAL Luís” and which parts were the result of high emotions, grief, and confusion.  So we just loved him, worked on gaining his trust, and waited to see what the real Luís was all about.

Well, it turns out that our first little glimpse of him at the meeting, when he burst through the barrier and unexpectedly bounced through our meeting with the government officials, was pretty accurate…. He’s a man of action.  The little guy has more energy than the twins combined, and he’s a step ahead of me in EVERYTHING.  He’s happy and fun-loving and silly, and he loves to play and laugh and be tossed over your shoulders or tickled until he’s practically crying.

Physically, he’s about Barrett’s height (in other words, short), but stockier.  He’s small for a 4-year-old, and by looking at him or interacting with him, you would think he was younger.  He’s 10 months older than the twins, but developmentally he’s a little behind.  So even though he’s technically their big brother, he functions in the family more like a little brother right now.   But he’s quickly catching up, and alot of the time it feels more like triplets.  People here are extremely confused when they see us out… especially since I speak english to 2 of them and spanish to the other, they all seem to be the same age, one looks distinctly different, and yet they all 3 call me “Mama.”   I get lots of questions.

He’s got a raspy little voice that still cracks me up whenever I hear him talk, and his laugh is like a little rapid-fire machine gun…so different and unbelievably distinct!  You can’t help but laugh with him when he gets going, which doesn’t take much because the boy is a CLOWN.

He loves tiny little things he can stash all over the house, and his pockets are always full of treasures.  We never know what random things he will have claimed as his own, or where he will hide them.  He always ALWAYS wants to have a coin tucked away in his palm. (“¡Mi moneda! ¡Mi moneda! ¿Dónde está mi moneda?!”  I hear that about 50 million times a day.)  And he can swipe & stash your food or your toys before you know what hit you, so you’d better be on your guard at all times.  Speaking of food, don’t get in the way of this boy and a plate.  He eats anything and everything, and usually about 4 helpings of it. He’s giving Noah some competition for the role of family garbage disposal, that’s for sure.

His routine has meshed pretty well with the twins, except for the fact that he’s an early (and loud) riser.  We’re all getting a little less sleep than before, but that gets better every day.  It hasn’t taken long for his naptime and bedtime to fall into place with Noah and Barrett’s, and I’m sure the wake-time won’t be too far behind. Things are becoming pretty consistent for all 3 of them.

In fact, it’s been that way with most things.  Having two brothers his age has helped him jump right into the flow of our family.  He just follows right along, and Noah and Barrett have been teaching him everything from the house rules to what a normal relationship with a mom and dad looks like.  He’s learning unbelievably fast, and we can see the ways the concept of “family” starts to click more and more in his little mind every day.

There are certainly still some rough spots and probably will be for a long while, but they’re already getting fewer and further apart.   My days are noticeably fuller and busier (and MUCH louder!) than before, but it’s a good kind of full.  And I’m tired, but it’s a good kind of tired.  Mostly, I’m just amazed to watch this little boy grow and adapt and adjust to such a huge life-change.  And I’m amazed to watch two little twin boys who have had such an interesting, unique, and private little bond start to open up and welcome in a 3rd member.  I’m so overwhelmingly proud of all 3 of my little men.

We’re still learning about Luís, just like he’s still learning about us.  It’s a process.  But we are loving what we learn, and I am so blessed to call him mine.


3 thoughts on “Meet Luís

  1. I’m so crying right now!! So excited for your little family of 5! All the boys are just as cute as can be. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. You always leave me speechless after your posts, and not too many people can do that :).
    So happy for all of you and always wish you the best.

  3. I am a co-worker at UT- Knoxville with your Mother-in-law. I tell her all the time that I love to read your posts and am happy for your family and little Luis. Keep the posts coming.

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