Arequipa Bound.

It seems like I’ve been using the phrase “our soon-to-be-determined future ministry location” for a REALLY long time.  Well, I can finally get rid of that mouthful of a description, because we know where we’re headed for our long-term ministry!

Arequipa, Perú!
Arequipa, Perú!

Yes, that is an awesome volcano towering over the city.  Isn’t it AMAZING?

A couple of basics about the city…. It’s basically an oasis in the middle of the desert, surrounded by several huge volcanos and the Andes Mountains.  The altitude is similar to Bogotá (high–which means I will be terrible at baking there, too), in the 8000-9000 ft range, but it is much more dry, which means the temps are a bit higher than here without being hot hot.  With a population of around 1 million, it’s much smaller than this GIGANTIC city of Bogotá (which has 10 million people).

And for all of you geographically-challenged folks out there (myself included), here’s a little map to help you out:

Arequipa map.png
“A” marks the spot

We still have a good bit of our training to finish up.  The language-intensive portion will be ending soon, and we’ll transition into the 2nd part our our program, which is the ministry phase.  We hope to head to Perú sometime in the spring of 2014…which isn’t long!

If you want to see a little more about Arequipa, check out this video that Nate, Josh, and Nathaniel made.  It describes the city, the amazing ministry potential there, and how we came to the decision to make it our long-term home.

We are extremely excited about our upcoming move, and we hope you’ll keep following along as we jump into another chapter of this crazy adventure!


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