Help Bring Luís Home!

After I published the post announcing our upcoming addition to the family, I was overwhelmed by the amount of rejoicing, encouragement, and support that came pouring in.  Y’all are awesome, and it makes my heart happy to know there are so many people who can’t wait to virtually “meet” our 3rd little boy.  He’s loved so much already, and he has no idea that there are people all over the world praying for him!  That’s the great thing about being in a missionary community – on top of our friends and family back in the States, we literally have friends all over the globe.  Amazing, Christ-loving friends who pray for and support each other across the miles.  It’s a beautiful thing.

As we’ve been on this adoption journey for the past 2 years, many of those friends and family have asked us about adoption fundraising.  It’s a pretty common to thing to hear about adoptive families selling T-shirts, hosting 5Ks, organizing garage sales, or recruiting donors for a “matching grant.”  We’ve been asked several times if we were launching any special fundraising efforts to bring Luís home.

To be honest, it’s a hard question to answer.

See, this is the thing….  We just spent the last 2 years of our lives raising the financial support we needed to get to the field as missionaries.   It was humbling and exhausting for us,  not to mention probably a little annoying to everyone else.  The money we raised doesn’t just cover our living expenses, it covers every single aspect of our lives AND our ministry here.  Most of our friends and family give generously on a monthly basis to help support what we’re doing here in South America.  We asked alot of people to give, and they do.  Every single month.  That still amazes me.

It feels weird and selfish and thoughtless to go back to all of those people who are already giving so much, and ask them to do it again.  We don’t want them to doubt how much we appreciate the sacrifice they’re already making for us.  So, we decided a long time ago NOT to actively raise money to help cover our adoption costs.  

Yes, it’s expensive.  Adopting from Colombia is estimated to cost us about $28,000 when it’s all said and done.  No kidding.  Hopefully, the fact that we live in Colombia will help defray some of those costs, but we don’t really know yet.   We still have to travel to another part of Colombia to get Luís, and we will still have to fly back to the US at some point in order to solidify his status as a US citizen.  After he is home, he will need medical evaluations and ongoing therapy and care for his special needs.  We’re doing all we can on our end to keep the costs as low as possible.   But like I said, it’s expensive.

We have known we were going to adopt for a long time, so we’ve been slowly saving money for it for years.  We knew that we would not be able to use the money we raised for missions to cover the costs, nor would we have help from our insurance.  We also knew that the timeline would probably overlap with support-raising.  The idea of trying to raise money for two separate things at the same time was overwhelming, and it seemed a bit insensitive to the people we were asking.

So we’re tackling these costs as best we can with what we’ve saved, and praying that we will receive grant money from several organizations we’ve applied to, plus a few generous gifts we’ve received here and there from people who asked us if they could help.

And since we’ve been asked about it, we’ve added a little “DONATE” button to the sidebar of this blog.  If you would like to contribute to the costs of bringing Luís home, we would be unbelievably grateful.   And don’t worry…we promise not to bombard your newsfeed or flood your inbox with requests.  But we wanted to mention the opportunity for those who might want to consider being a part of it.

We are so thankful and humbled that there have been people who have asked if they could help with the costs of our adoption, despite the fact that they are already giving so much for our mission work.  Y’all are amazing, and we are constantly humbled by the way that God reminds us again and again of the incredible people in our lives who are loving us so well.


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