I have three-year-olds.  What?

I mean, didn’t this JUST happen?

Month 1 -- 6-3-10 thru 7-3-10

How in the world did we go from this:

DSC_0110 (3)

To this??


I don’t know, but I sure am loving the process.


 Happy Birthday, boys.  Thanks for making the past 3 years of my life even more exciting, adventurous, chaotic, and crazy than they already were.  You add a big dose of silliness to my everyday (…even on days when I’m exactly not looking for it…) and a new dimension of joy to our family that makes me cherish the “little years.”  There’s nothing I love more than slobbery, sticky kisses from the two handsomest little charmers I know.

I love watching you grow up.    I love being your mama.   I love how much you love me back.   And I know I am going to love whatever craziness Year Number 4 brings.


3 thoughts on “Three.

  1. I LOVE their enthusiasm for life!! They have the greatest smiles ever!! Their parents are pretty awesome, too!

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