2012. Whoa.

2012 has been a crazy one. Good, but crazy.   I kind of feel like 2012 gave me whiplash. It was a year of change for sure as we adjusted to an intense travel schedule for the first half of the year, a cross-town move, a temporary move to NYC, then an international move, a new language, a new culture, a new routine, and a completely new lifestyle.  We’ve had alot of crazy years, but this one has topped them all!

Here’s a quick look back at what 2012 held for the Bonhams.

January.    The missions apprenticeship program we’re a part of was moved from Costa Rica to Colombia.  As a result, our adoption was moved from Costa Rica to Colombia as well.  We changed all of our brochures, literature, handouts, displays, and websites to reflect the change.  We went on our last big family vacation (a caribbean cruise with my side of the family) before our big move.  We started our 4-month-long run of missions conference weekends.

cruise 2012

February. We put our house on the market, and we had a contract on it in 2 weeks!  Our crazy schedule of missions conferences continued.  (We were out of town at least 4 days of each week from January-April!)  Nate had emergency surgery (a super-nasty appendix). We had a team mini-retreat with the Kines family down at my family’s place in Perdido Key, Fl, where we spent 5 days praying, meditating, planning, and having alot of big discussions about important things.  We attended the missions conference of the church I grew up in –this time as missionaries– and it was an emotional, surreal experience.

Feb 2012 collage

March.   We drove up to visit my great-grandmother in north Mississippi.  Our missions conference craziness continued with trips every weekend. We sold almost everything, closed on our house and moved into the house I grew up in, which was empty. We attended an awesome missions conference in Greenwood, where I got to hang out with one of my best friends, Michelle, for the weekend.  We also went back to our old college stomping grounds to the missions conference at Trinity PCA in Murfreesboro, TN, where we were able to hang out with some great friends we haven’t seen in several years.

March 2012 collage

April.  We hosted/attended our first Clay Shoot Fundraiser, which raised money to go towards our financial support here on the field.  It was an awesome event!   We continued our ever-single-weekend travel.  Nate administered his first baptism as an ordained minister, and he was honored that the child he baptized was my best friend’s son.  We took a quick 4-day trip to Bogotá, Colombia to meet the team and scout out some potential neighborhoods.  It was so fun to see the city we’d be moving to in just a few short months.

April 2012 collage

May.  Nate went out of town for another conference, so I went to the beach with my family.  Then Kelly met me there, then Nate met me there on his way back in town. It was a great week at the beach, during which I turned 28.  Our church hosted a HUGE multi-site garage sale fundraiser for our support account…they are amazing!  Nate and I took our little 2nd honeymoon getaway before the move…SMARTEST DECISION EVER, by the way.  The boys moved to big-boy beds and we continued sorting, packing, and preparing for the move.

may 2012 collage

June. The boys hit the terrific twos!  We had a latin fiesta for all their 2-year-old friends.  I drove up to Greenwood to spend one last weekend with my friend Michelle.  We drove down to Florida to see Nate’s dad and stepmom. We visited a few more churches for support raising and attended a training seminar put on by our boss/mentor, Gary.  My sister had baby #3, who is also my namesake (:  Little Brooke Nicole is a beauty!  We drove to New Orleans to meet up with Nate’s cousins for a day.

june 2012 collage

July.  We moved to NYC for a solid month of missions training.  It was fun living in the Big Apple for several weeks, and we learned alot.  We had alot of requirements, alot of stress, and alot of work, but overall it was a good month.  Nate and I still talk from time to time about the things we learned there and how it has prepared us for Bogotá.   Nate celebrated his 28th birthday while we were there as well.

July 2012 collage

August.  We returned from NYC.  Noah had ear/adenoid surgery. We celebrated the big annual August Birthday Party with my side of the family. Michelle kept me company for a weekend while Nate was out of town.  Janie moved to Chicago for 5 months, so we had to say our goodbyes early.  I hammered out the last bit of adoption stuff that I needed to do state-side.  I took a girls-weekend with 3 of my favorite ladies. Nate’s dad came in town to say goodbye. (all of that is basically covered in one huge post.) We set a date, got our visas, and purchased our plane tickets. The countdown officially started!

August 2012 collage

September. We drove to Chattanooga to tell Nate’s family goodbye.  We moved out of the house I grew up in and moved in with my parents.  We sold the cars. We were commissioned at our home church. We had a fun and emotional goodbye party.  We boarded a plane, and WE MOVED TO BOGOTA!   We spent the first two weeks getting our government IDs and official documents together and looking for a house.  We hired nannies, visited our new church, and started learning our new city.

september 2012 collage

October.  We found a house and moved in!  We started Spanish school. We got into a bit of a routine.  Nate started visiting The Jungle (ministry to street children) on Saturdays.

October 2012 collage

November.  We continued Spanish school every day.  We took the boys on a train ride around Bogotá and a few surrounding cities. They loved it!  We lost our first nanny after 7 weeks, and I was devastated…I had a really hard week.  We interviewed and hired a new nanny.  We celebrated our first holiday away from home — Thanksgiving.  It was different, but it was good, and we were surrounded by our newfound Bogotá family.

November 2012 collage

December.  We continued Spanish school every day.  Gary (boss/mentor) came in town for a week and stayed with us. We had lots of meetings, but it was a really good week.  Our friend Rob came to visit for a quick weekend, and it was such an encouragement!   We lost our 2nd nanny. We celebrated our first Christmas away from home (again, weird but good!), and my parents and little sister arrived the next day for their first visit.  My dad and sister stayed until the 31st, and my mom is staying an extra week. With the exception of the nanny situation, it was a good, full month!

December 2012 collage

2012 was a good one.  It was a year full of change and adjustment.  To be honest, alot of it seems like a big blur because everything moved so fast.   I hope I can slow down a bit this coming year, but it looks to be another busy one…..Because in 2013, we are praying that we will see another significant change as we hopefully bring two more children into our family!

God has blessed us this year, and we are thankful!


3 thoughts on “2012. Whoa.

  1. Wow!! I guess you DO feel like you have 2012 whiplash!!

    I love seeing pictures of the boys from January to December. They have grown so much! Y’all are such a beautiful family – and so photogenic!! Every one of you!!

    Thankful you are settling in and enjoying your surroundings and new daily blessings. I pray for you often. Can’t wait to hear more about your two new children!

    Love you lots,

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