Movin’ right along…

We got back from NYC on August 1st, and it felt like we entered a bit of a whirlwind for a couple of weeks, but we’re movin’ right along.  My life can basically be summed up into the following categories:

  1. the Big Move checklist
  2. the adoption checklist
  3. caring for munchkins/husband
  4. spending time with some of my favorite people before I have to leave

Those are the priorities these days, and it’s taking every square second of my time.  Here’s a basic rundown of what’s been going on:

  • Our trip back from NYC was the easiest traveling we’ve ever done… Noah slept, Barrett watched a movie, and Nate and I relaxed. Best flight we’ve ever taken!  Of course, the longest leg of the flight was less than 2 hours, so that’s not saying much.  But I’ll take what I can get!  I’m praying that the flights to Colombia will be just as easy.

    ^ Bear-man watching Toy Story and enjoying his airplane
  • Noah had surgery 2 days after we got home to put in ear tubes and remove his adenoids.  He recovered well, but his stinky adenoid breath nearly killed me for 2 weeks.   We had a week of on-and-off fussiness and sleeplessness, but he’s good now.
^ waiting at the hospital with Noah before his surgery
  • We celebrated our annual August Birthday Party.  My family has alot of birthdays in August, so every year we get together as a big group.  This one was especially memorable because my great-grandmother, Mawmaw, came in town to visit, as did all of my out-of-town cousins.  It was the last time we’d all be together as one big family.  We have 5 generations in our family, so it’s always pretty special when we are all together.  It was also my first real “goodbye.” And super emotional. But more on that later…

    ^ “the grands and great-grands” — aka my first cousins and all our kids…the 4th and 5th generations
  • Nate (and Josh) went on another support-raising trip through Corinth, Huntsville, and Nashville, all in 3 days.  They had a fruitful trip, and we are excited about the doors that the Lord is opening and relationships He is building through the support-raising process. And we’re almost done!

    ^ Madison, Corinth, Huntsville, Nashville, and back to Madison. 861miles in 3 days.
  • One of my best friends, Michelle, came down to spend the night with me while Nate was out of town.   I gotta work my girl time in whenever possible these days, because my time is running short!!

    ^ technically an old pic from a few months ago…
  • I said goodbye to my little sister, Janie, who flew up to Chicago for an internship.  She won’t be back down before we leave, so that was my last time to see her for awhile.  It was also the last time my family will be all together for a long time.   It was hard for the sisters to say goodbye…

    ^ Lacey, Janie, and me
  • We made some big progress on our adoption checklist, and we’re just about done with everything that has to be done here in the States before we move.  More on that later, too (:

    ^ adoption docs finally organized and resorted… with a country change, a homestudy amendment, and a homestudy update on top of our regular docs, I have a MOUNTAIN of documents and paperwork! It takes 2 big binders to keep it organized!
  • I took off for a quick girls weekend with Kelly.  We drove down to Ocean Springs Thursday night, then two other awesome ladies joined us Friday night, then I drove back Saturday night.  It was just what I needed.   I am going to miss these girls!!   I am unbelievably thankful to have a husband who says “that sounds fun – you should go!” and doesn’t bat an eye at being home with the boys for a couple days.   And since the boys are pretty obsessed with their Daddy these days, I knew they wouldn’t miss me a bit!   **By the way, Kelly, I am burned and peeling thanks to your “we don’t need sunscreen” speech.  Thanks for that (:
    ^ me and Kelly. This month marks our 24 year anniversary of best-friendship (:

    ^ Kelly, Me, Ashley, Amy … the next girls weekend will be them coming to Bogota! right ladies??
  • And a couple more little playdates thrown in with the boys’ little friends…like this one at the splash pad with their cousins.

    ^ Noah, Virginia, Barrett, and McCarty hangin out on the bench while I caught up with their mama, Ann.

Plus we’re in the midst of packing, sorting, selling, etc….but that goes without saying (:  My “crazy room of chaos” (as I refer to our furniture-less dining room/staging area) is getting more and more organized by the day as I prepare bags to be packed and items to be stored.

As we get closer and closer to our departure date, it’s getting a little more real.  And busy.  And emotional.  And chaotic.  But the good news is we’re getting closer!


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