Pictures in the park

There are several missionaries here with our group who serve as “mentors.”  They have been on the field for a little while and help guide us through our month of training, lead some of the seminars, and answer LOTS of questions from all of us newbies about all sorts of topics.   Some of them are gifted in various areas outside the realm of what we’re learning this month, so they’ve offered their expertise to whoever is interested.  For example, one missionary is a certified financial planner and is talking to people next week about how to budget, plan for the future, etc based on our missionary salary and support account.  A group of missionary kids did a panel discussion and Q&A about life on the field as MKs, and another group is going out next week to talk about how to incorporate the arts into your ministry if you live in a field where the arts are really important.

Saturday I participated in a small group who went out to practice photography in Central Park and have a Photography101 lesson on getting better pictures…since we all want to document what we’re doing on the field for our friends and family back home.   We talked all about the basics of our camera settings and how to start shooting in semi- or full- manual mode, basic composition, and how to adjust and compensate for lots of different lighting scenarios.  We got a little practice time in, too, and learned some fun techniques.   Since all of our spouses were trying to wrangle our children in a park nearby, we only had an hour and a half or so, but it was well worth the time!!

Here are a few pictures from our lesson:

^ practicing aperture and light settings by taking pics of each other, action shots while Christopher jumped off a rock, and movement focus over by the bike path.

While waiting for the subway, I got in a little more low-lighting and focal range practice on some pretty cute models:

^ They always get excited when they’re waiting for the choo-choo train!

Now let’s see if I can remember it all and put it into practice more often!


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