Birthday Boy

Since the days from the PILAT program were long, we had Friday the 20th off…which was perfect because Friday was Nate’s 28th birthday.  To celebrate, he went to the midnight showing of Batman on Thursday night with some other guys from our training and had a great time.  Unfortunately I started to catch whatever sinus crud he’d had earlier in the week, and I was still up from coughing and a sore throat when Nate walked in the door at almost 4am from the movie.  Needless to say, nobody got much sleep that night.

Since Friday turned out to be a gray, rainy day and we hadn’t slept all night anyway, we laid around with the boys and watched movies all day.  (It turns out that “All About Airplanes” on Netflix is a big hit with the 2yo boy crowd.) The boys caught up on their week of missed sleep and took a 3.5 hour nap, which was awesome.   So it was a low-key birthday for the birthday boy.  But Friday night, we went out on the town for a birthday date!

I had a great evening planned…Nate wanted Chesapeake bay crabs for dinner, which are one of his favorite things and very hard to find down south.   Despite my inability to smell anything seafood-related without an immediate onset of extreme nausea, we went to a restaurant called Fish in the West Village for supper (where I had an awesome burger) so Nate could get his fix.    The waitress covered our table with newspaper and brought Nate an industrial sized container of Old Bay seasoning and a bib, then carried out a big cafeteria tray piled high with nasty looking crabs…and just dumped it on the table!  No plate or anything!  The funny part was that the crabs aren’t on the dinner menu, so he got lots of stares from other customers who couldn’t figure out what he was eating.  People kept asking, “where are you from?”  and when we replied “Mississippi,” they would make some comment like, “oh, so I guess you know what you’re doing…”   as if Nate was the biggest redneck ever, plowing through a huge table-full of crabs like a good ol’ country boy.    I kept thinking, “this is a northern food, why does everyone think this is so weird?!”   For whatever the reason, Nate certainly stood out as he cracked crab appendages and flung juice and shell bits all over the place.  But the birthday boy was happy, so I was happy too.

Next on the agenda was to explore the West Village…. I had come up with a bunch of places to visit and created our own little “walking tour” of the area, with lots of stops to see cool things along the way.  But between our hour-long wait to get a table and the length of time it takes to eat Chesapeake bay crabs, we looked up and realized it was suddenly getting late.  Plus, my voice had steadily starting disappearing over the course of the night, and it was clear I was about to be hit with the same sinus crud/cold that Nate had earlier in the week.

So we shortened our little tour to include only 1 more stop after the restaurant….Magnolia Bakery, which was only a few blocks away.  I was afraid it wouldn’t be open at 10:30pm, but it was actually open and crowded.  Apparently Magnolia Bakery is the place to be in the West Village on a Friday night!    Instead of birthday cake, we had chocolate cupcakes with hot apple cider, and it was delicious.  Then we stopped at CVS for cold medicine and caught the subway home.

Fun night, even if we did skip about 6 stops on the agenda.  Maybe we can go back to the West Village and do my walking tour before the month is over, and Nate will get to see what he missed (:


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