Observing Astoria

Yesterday morning we had our first “assignment” for CCMI.  Our job was to travel with our ministry teams (which in our case includes us and the Kines) to our church community to do some ethnographic observation, then come back and report to the group during class time.   We have been assigned to serve the Greek Evangelical Church in Astoria, which is the part of town with a high concentration of Greeks.

Here’s our day in pictures…

The boys woke up asking to ride the Choo-Choo Train again, so it was a  good thing it was already in the plans!  We jumped on the Subway around the corner from our apartment.

We headed to a little Greek pastry shop called Lefkos Pyrgos where we met Petros, an elder at the church.  We chatted with him for awhile and asked him some questions about the area.  (I guess I should say the rest of the group chatted and asked questions…my boys were in crazy mode so I was toddler-wrangling.)

^Josh, Petros, and Nate at Lefkos Pyrgos

Petros directed us to a great park for the kids, so we headed there to let them run around while we did another portion of our assignment.  (Charybdis Playground in Astoria Park)

The Kines kiddos, although I claim them as mine (:

After a bunch of observation and a few interviews with the locals, we headed off to find a spot for lunch.  We had hoped to eat in an authentic little Greek spot, but most of them dont open till noon….so we ended up in a little Greek/Italian spot called Pizza Palace with pretty good food.

The afternoon brought class time with reports on our morning assignment and a seminar on team conflict.  Then in the evening, I put the boys to bed and Nate headed back to Astoria to lead his first home group meeting with the Greek church.   It was a full day, but a good one!



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