The Fourth

I wonder how long it will be until we spend another Fourth of July in the States.   Just in case it will be awhile, we sent this one out with a bang…especially since we had the day off.

The first thing on the agenda was to take the boys for their first ride on the subway, aka choo-choo trains, after several days of watching them from the window.  This pretty well sums up their attitude towards it:

Heaven.  Every time we got off one, they would yell, “again! again!”   When we got off the last one at the end of the night, Barrett cried.  Fortunately for them, we will be riding them again this morning for a project, so they’re in luck.

Next on the list was a quick visit to Time Square to visit one of the boys’ best friends, live and in person, because we had heard he hung out there.  We found him:

After browsing Times Square a bit, we walked over to Central Park where we found a hotdog and pretzel vendor and found a shady spot on the grass to let the boys run around.

After another walk and two more subway rides, all four of us crashed for a solid three-and-a-half hours.  It was awesome.   For dinner, we met our group in Central Park for a some playground time and a picnic in the grass.  We sat around chatting with all of our new friends, kicking a soccer ball, and enjoying the sweaty heat (:

^I didnt notice until looking at this picture later that Barrett is standing in the front, pretending to talk on my cell phone, pointing out the airplanes. Sounds like him (:

Since the fireworks were going to be on the complete other side of town (not over the river outside our balcony like we thought), we headed home to put the bobbleheads to bed.  We caught a glimpse of the fireworks between the buildings on the skyline, but we could hardly see them at all.  So we didn’t worry about it  much and chose to be thankful for the fact that loud fireworks out our window wouldn’t wake our sleeping boys.

Such a fun day.  And thankfully, the boys were SO much better yesterday, and seem to be adjusting a little more.  I’m hoping its all uphill from here!


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