So far we’ve spent two full days in NYC.  Nate and I are loving it…the boys are getting there.

The first night we arrived, we came to the apartment, unloaded bags, and headed out to dinner.  On our way back, we told the boys that it was time to go back and go night-night.  We walked into the door of the apartment and Barrett yelled, “NOOO!!” and started sobbing.  I guess he thought “going back to go night-night” meant we were going home, and he wasn’t too thrilled to learn that he had to go to bed in a new place.   After a little tour and explanation along the lines of  “this is where Noah sleeps, this is where Barrett sleeps, this is where Mama and Daddy sleep,” etc., he cheered up and went to bed without too much of a problem.

Monday we had Orientation in the morning where we learned a little more about what we’re actually doing for the month, and the boys went upstairs to the childcare/play area.  Usually they do great in a nursery setting, but once again, Barrett had some fits.  The teachers in his room told us “he had a rough day,” but we all know what that really means.  Noah, of course, made lots of new friends and was happy to be his social little self.

Then yesterday, they both were just fussy. Every little thing merits a full-on meltdown.  I’m not sure if they’re unsure about this new place, or if they’re just exhausted from it all (which I can relate to), but something’s definitely up.   I’m hoping that tomorrow the clouds lift and everything is a little cheerier in the Bonham apartment!   So pray for the Bobbleheads.  They can’t really tell me what’s wrong, so I’m just having to guess and try to keep them happy.  And pray for me and Nate, because two cranky 2-year-olds is no fun.

Like I said, Monday was Orientation all morning, then naps and a visit to the park and grocery store in the afternoon.  I am going to have to figure out this whole grocery-shopping-in-a-huge-city thing.  It’s definitely much easier to load up the Odyssey, drive to Kroger, and toss the boys into the double race-car grocery buggies.   I think grocery shopping in Madison has spoiled me.  Add it to the things I’m going to have to adjust to on the field, I guess!

Yesterday Nate and Josh met with the elders of the Greek Evangelical Church where we’ll be serving all month, so I decided to venture out on my own a bit with the boys.  We headed down to Dutch Kills Park, which is only about 4 blocks from us and has a couple playgrounds and a water area.  The boys had a blast, and Noah made friends with an adorable little girl about their age who spoke Spanish.  Most of the people at the park spoke Spanish, actually, so maybe its a bit of a glimpse of what’s to come in a few weeks.

The afternoon was spent in class learning about team dynamics and ethnographic studies while the boys napped upstairs in the nursery.  (Well, Noah napped, Barrett giggled in his bed the whole time.)  Then it was time to grab dinner and call it a day.

Today is a holiday, so we’re trying to figure out how to spend our day.  But I know how we’ll end  our day…watching fireworks over the Hudson from our balcony (:

Here’s a few pics from Days 1 and 2!

Evangel Church & School, where MTW has set up shop for the month
CCMI manual….LOTS of stuff in there!
They woke up happy, at least! Hoping they’ll get in this mood and STAY in it tomorrow!
First cup of coffee that I’ve brewed for myself, ever. I started drinking it last week (partly for the caffeine, partly bc I’m moving to Colombia, after all!) Colombian coffee + hazelnut creamer = yum.
Dutch Kills Park, right down the street from our place!
boys at the park…including Noah’s sweet new friend

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