We made it.  We’re on the ground in NYC for our month-long training with our missions agency.  We and the Kines traveled together, which means the 4 adults were outnumbered by the 6 kiddos.  But believe it or not, we did two airpline rides with zero meltdowns or major crises.  It was a miracle!

We got in yesterday afternoon around 4 or 5 and went hunting for our apartment, which ended up being only a few miles from the airport.  We unloaded the suitcases and headed back out the door to find some dinner for the bobbleheads and do a little neighborhood exploring.  We found that we’re in a great location for the month, with little shops and restaurants all around us, and a playground/splash pad a few blocks away.   We’re also about a quarter-mile walk to our agency’s temporary headquarters (they have set up shop at a church/school for the month of training), and 2 miles or so from the church we’re serving.

After supper and a walk, we came back to unpack and set up our new apartment.   If you wanna see our place, I did a little video tour (which Nate called me an extreme nerd for, btw).

Not bad, huh??  I think we’re going to be very happy here (:

After a day of adventures on airplanes, a taxi, and the bustle of NY, plus no nap, the boys crashed pretty hard at bedtime….and so did I.

Here are a couple of pictures of our travel day!

  **click on the picture to see a big version!

The bobbleheads like their new place.
The view from our balcony
View from the rooftop of our building

I think it’s gonna be a good month (:


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