Smoky Mountain Getaway: A Recap

We’re back!…although somewhat reluctantly. Because this place was awesome:

We ate at great restaurants, explored the town, relaxed in our rocking chairs, and woke up to this awesome view every morning:

We got a little adventurous one day and took an 8-mile hike…

…which ended at a beautiful waterfall and a perfect spot for a picnic lunch.  But then we had to hike the 4 miles back.

We ate amazing country home-cooking at an apple orchard restaurant:

We unexpectedly stumbled into the Arts & Crafts Loop, which was fun for me (and not quite as pleasant for Nate, but he was a good sport):

But the best part was just relaxing.  Sleeping in, reading on the porch, uninterrupted conversation…  all the stuff we don’t seem to get these days.

It was perfect.  Unfortunately a week away didn’t help me any in the brain-power area, so a picture post with  a few comments is all I can muster at the moment.   But I will say this:  those missionaries gave us good advice.  And when I’ve been on the field for 25 years and some young, green missionary couple asks me for advice, I’ll just point them to the Smokies.


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