Beach boys.

Home again from another trip, although this time I have a little longer to get things together before we pack up and go again.  Last weekend Nate headed up to Pittsburg, PA for a couple of missions presentations, and since I didn’t feel like hanging out at home by myself, I headed down to Florida with my family.   The timing for Nate’s trip ended up being perfect, because his grandfather lives in PA and was going to be having surgery over the weekend.   Since Nate’s missions presentations were only a couple hours away from his grandfather’s house, he just extended his trip by a few days and was able to be there while his grandfather was in the hospital.    (Despite explicit instructions to take some pictures for me, Nate didn’t take a single one.)

In the meantime, I loaded the boys up and drove them down to the beach with my parents and my big sister’s family…why stay at home alone when I can go to the beach instead?  And I learned one very important thing:

Noah hates the beach.

HATES it.  Full on panic-attack every time we got ready to step off the boardwalk. The kid will voluntarily do belly flops off the side of a swimming pool, but he loses his dadgum mind when it’s time to put one toe in the sand.  He spent his time either crying in the sand or pouting in a chair.  I don’t get it.  The only part of the beach that he enjoyed was having someone walk him waist-high out in the water.   Barrett, on the other hand, LOVES the sand and anything having to do with it.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since everything they do is opposite!  We have one twin that’s a little fish, and one that’s a little sand crab, apparently.

We solved the problem by taking them out on the boat instead.  They LOVED it.  But they love anything with an engine, so I’m not surprised.

My family left the beach after the weekend, and since I still had a few days until Nate could meet me there, Kelly drove down with her kiddos to keep me company.   We had visions of laying out in our beach chairs while her baby napped and our boys played peacefully in the sand nearby.  Lo and behold, her son hates the beach too!   And the baby wouldn’t nap outside.  Our visions were dashed by 3 sobbing children who wouldn’t get off our laps…. plus Barrett who couldn’t understand why no one else would just COME PLAY IN THE SAND ALREADY!  It turns out that beach trips with 4 children are not the same as the old beach trips we took in high school and college.

But either way, I was thankful that she came down to keep me company and keep me sane.

Nate finally flew down from PA on Wednesday afternoon and joined us at the beach.  Kelly headed out Thursday morning, and we had a couple days of family time and celebrating my 28th birthday before heading back to Jackson on Saturday.

It was a good week.  I needed the break, even more than I thought I did.  And even though I had lots of time to relax, I made sure to get some work in while I was there.  I made a few contacts who wanted to help with our support-raising, and I worked on a good bit of adoption stuff as well.

And now that we’re home, we have a nice big To-Do List to knock out before this weekend, when we pack up and head out again.  But last week I got used to some days filled with sunshine, so I’m going to make sure I add a heaping dose of sprinklers/kiddie pool/splash table to that list!

If you feel like seeing more, here’s a photo dump from our beach week:


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