Checkin’ out Bogota…

Right now I’m sitting in the airport, waiting to board our (delayed) plane to Atlanta, then on to Bogota, Colombia!   The Jackson International Airport might not have alot of amenities, but I’m certainly thankful for zero crowds, nice employees, and free WiFi while I wait.   We should hopefully arrive in Bogota tonight around 8:30pm (Bogota time, which Ithink is the same as Eastern).

I was going to post some prayer requests here for friends and family to pray for us while we’re away, but I decided to post them on our missions team blog instead… so please click over and check out that post.  And, of course, please pray for us while we’re gone!!

There are several reasons why we’re taking this trip, but the primary reasons are to check out the options for language school (and pick one), and choose an area of town to live in (which will depend on which school we pick). We also are excited to meet the rest of the MTW Colombia team of missionaries and start getting to know them.   Hopefully this trip will help us make some decisions, and we will be able to register for school soon and possibly even have a place to live when we get there this summer.  And of course, just being there for a few days, walking around, feeling the climate, and seeing the local area will help me and Emily as we figure out what to take and what to leave behind when we move.

It’s a short trip…only Thursday through Monday, but hopefully it will be enough time to figure a few things out.

Hopefully we’ll have a chance (and decent internet access) to post some pictures while we’re there.  If not, I’ll see you on the other side!


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