Their new/my old house (weekend photo dump)

We just moved, so I haven’t had internet for a week.  You may wonder how I survived.  Well, it turns out that I’m not as much as an addict as I’d feared, and that I didn’t crawl up into fetal position and start twitching from withdrawals.  Good to know.

We decided on Wednesday night that we needed to move on Thursday morning.  We hadn’t packed a single box, and we had about 18 hours to get it together.  We had legitimate reasons, I promise.  Why do we do this to ourselves? I don’t know.  Is it just me, or do we do alot of things the crazy way?

So Thursday we moved out, and on Friday a bunch of roofers came over to rip the roof off the house and put on a new one. (see? legitimate reasons!)  Now we’re living at my parents’ old, empty place that I grew up in. It certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been a whole 10 years since I lived here.

The boys have had a fun time exploring their new/my old house.  It’s big, and since it’s on the market, we are trying to live in as little of it as possible so that I have less to clean.  And so I don’t lose my children. Because, like I said, it’s big.  Since we sold most of our furniture, we are borrowing pieces from friends and family to get by.  Most of the rooms are empty and closed off.  The boys sleep in a (large) closet off the master bedroom because all the other bedrooms too far away.  We all share 1 closet and 1 bathroom, and its more than enough room.  Even in the few rooms we occupy, we have plenty of space.

From the boys’ perspective, there are lots of benefits to living here:

^a big driveway and a big yard...perfect for riding bikes, throwing balls, and chasing your brother.
^except the driveway has a small hill, which means that our resident daredevil takes it at full speed and crashes at the bottom. And loves it. I am nervous about this kid as a teenager.
^but we can always head to the tennis court, which has no hills, and its perfect for a playdate with friends and plasmacars. Although the mamas might steal the cars from the kids and race with them instead. I was not involved in the stealing or the racing, just the photographing.
^inside, we have room for the big picnic table... which is perfect for piles of little boys.
^ and there are lots of fun things to the bird that sits on this windowsill and flies repeatedly into the window...
^ and the driveway has lots of critters. You can hear "BUG! BUG! BUG!" at any given moment, and the world must come to a complete stop so that everyone can go look at it. Or else meltdowns ensue.
^ They've discovered cool lights under the counters...
^and hideouts under the kitchen island.
^and enough counter space that I can FINALLY let them sit and "help" me prepare meals. Although they tend to eat the ingredients instead. Maybe next time we have quesadillas, there won't be bite marks out of the tortillas.
^and with no babyproof latches on drawers or cabinets, a little exploring leads to discoveries like a drawer full of strainers...which they opened and squealed, "Hats!"

So needless to say, the boys don’t miss the old house.


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