Lunch with MawMaw

This morning we loaded up the boys, bright and early, pointed the ol’ Odyssey north, and hit the road.  Halfway through the trip to the delta, when all you could see in every direction were catfish ponds and cotton fields, Nate said something along the lines of, “Man…there is nothing up here.”  (He’s technically a yankee, with a bunch of Pennsylvania blood running through those veins.  Forgive him, because he doesn’t understand Mississippi things…like generations of farmers, and the fact that everybody knows everybody else’s granddaddy, and that I’ve got “kinfolk” everywhere.)

There aren’t many people that Nate would trek across the Mississippi Delta for.  But he’ll do it for his girlfriend.

And when I say “girlfriend,” I mean my great-grandmother, MawMaw.  I think I’ve mentioned before about the bond that she and Nate have.  She lives up in Cleveland, MS, which is a little over 2 hours away, and we don’t get to see her that often.  But I’m determined that my boys are going to know her and love her like I do, so we try to make sure they get to visit with her whenever they can.  Plus, I just like to hang out with her, so its a win-win for everyone.

I have a picture of her hanging in the boys’ room so that they can remember what she looks like between visits.  This morning I told them, “we’re going to see Mawmaw!”  and they ran to the picture, pointed at it, and said “Mawmaw!!” with big grins on their faces.  They love her already.

We missed her 99th birthday party a couple weeks ago because we were at a missions conference, so we were determined to go wish her a “happy birthday” in person.    I cannot believe I’m going to miss her 100th birthday party next spring because we’ll be in Colombia by then, Lord willing– it’s going to be a bash to remember, I’m sure!   Today we took her some flowers, a birthday balloon, and treated her to a noisy and chaotic lunch…because things are always noisy and chaotic when the bobbleheads are involved!

Barrett covered himself in stickers and wanted to show them off. He's pointing out Lightening and Mater on his arms.
Stickers everywhere! Mawmaw had them all over her lap because Barrett was in a sharing mood.
She brought out the walker for them to push around and ride was a big hit!
Noah would have brought it home if we'd let him.

I try to get a picture of each of them with her whenever we see her.  Today they were far too busy running around and playing to sit still for a picture.   So these didn’t turn out quite as well as the other ones we’ve gotten in the past.

Barrett and his great-great-grandmother
Mawmaw and Noah, who just wasn't having it today.
Me and Mawmaw
Nate with the only other woman he loves as much as me (:

Happy 99th, Mawmaw!  We love you!


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