Weekend Photo Dump

This week was a rough one.  Barrett came down with a nasty sinus infection last weekend, and it lasted well into the week.  He passed it to me, and before long, both of us were at the doctor getting shots.  No fun.  After battling his high fever for several days, he is finally on the mend.  And so am I, but that’s secondary.

The majority of the week was spent lying on the couch with Barrett watching Cars for the eleventy-billionth time while Noah begged and pleaded for us to do anything at all that didnt involve sitting still.   Even though he wasn’t sick, Noah might have had the worst week of all…no one to play with. He was bouncing off the walls from boredom. Being locked up in this house with two lethargic, sick people all day long was torture for him.   I’m glad he wasn’t sick, but now I fully understand why God made him a twin.  That kid needs a playmate 24/7.  But his playmate was curled up on the sick couch with Lightening McQueen and Mater for 5 straight days. (see the right pic on the 4th row…pitiful kiddo.)

And by the way, I can now quote the entire movie of Cars from memory. And Barrett now yells “Kachow!” at any given moment during the day. (see the middle pic in the top row for a mid-kachow shot.)  And I will forever have Rascal Flatt’s version of  “Life is a Highway” stuck in my head.  Thank you, Disney, for helping me survive the week.

Now that we’re all finally getting over the crud, we went out for a bit Friday morning so that the boys could spend some quality time with their daddy before he left town.  (After a week of being sick, the boys and I have decided not to attend this weekend’s missions conference in Fairhope… we don’t want to spread any germs, and the boys need some rest! So Nate is representing the Bonham clan by himself this weekend.)  We hit up the park for several hours, and I made up for the fact that I hadnt taken hardly any pictures all week.   So even though most of them are from the same day, here’s the weekend photo dump:


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