a whirlwind week…

This morning we woke up early, loaded up the van, and headed back home from a week-and-a-half long trip to south Mississippi and Florida.  It’s good to be home, even though the trip was a great one.

The first weekend we were in Gulfport, MS for a missions conference.  We stayed at Emily’s parents’s place on Bay St Louis, MS, which is about a half hour from the church in Gulfport.  We had 6 different events over the weekend (dinners, lunches, services, etc), lots of opportunities to share about what we’re doing, and the chance to listen to Frank Barker preach several times.

On Sunday night after the evening service, we loaded up and drove from Gulfport to Perdido Key, FL to spend a few days in my parents’ place on the beach.  Nate’s dad lives nearby, so we had some time to visit with him and let the boys get in some playtime with their Grandpa and Grandma Bonham. But our primary reason for going was to spend some serious time in prayer for our team and planning for the future.  Even though we and the Kines are together alot, we don’t have much uninterrupted time to really talk, reflect, and pray for one another. The week ended up being a really sweet, refreshing time to focus on the important things in the midst of all the chaos.

Friday morning we headed to Hattiesburg, MS to attend the missions conference at First Pres and stayed at Emily’s parents house.  We went to 6 different missions events over the course of the weekend and again shared about what we’re doing.  This time, we also had the chance to lead a 1st-6th grade sunday school class, which was especially fun.

The conference wrapped up last night, and we headed back this morning.  And despite the fact that I had to come home to a house that has to be spic-and-span in order to be shown at any time, I’m glad to be back.

This friday we’ll jump into Highlands’ missions conference…. and a different conference each weekend after that until Easter.  Be sure to keep up with our missions blog (www.CrossCollaboration.org) for info about our schedule and better recaps of our trips.   I probably won’t do too many of those here…because I’d rather post pictures of the boys (:


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