The last couple weeks…

So here’s what the last couple of weeks have entailed:

  1. We got back from a family cruise with my side of the family
  2. We announced that we are moving to Colombia instead of Costa Rica.
  3. We redid all of our brochures, presentations, videos, websites, etc to reflect the change.
  4. We switched our adoption from Costa Rica to Colombia and started the paperwork to make the change.
  5. We attended our first of 9 missions conferences in a 3-month span.
  6. We started preparing for our crazy 10-week travel extravaganza.
  7. Nate had emergency surgery.
  8. I decided at 6pm one night to call a realtor and have her list our house by lunchtime the next day, which means…
  9. I had about 18 hours of insanity and chaos, but we put the house on the market. (Want to buy my house??)
  10. We drove to Gulfport for the 2nd of 9 missions conferences.

The blog has been a little stagnant in the midst of all of that.

And yes, I realize there’s one thing on that list that might need a bit more explanation…

Nate tried for several days to ignore the crazy abdominal pain he was having, but finally went to the doctor when he couldn’t take it anymore and was diagnosed with “a very angry appendix that needs to come out ASAP.”  So we went directly from the doctor’s office to the hospital, where they opened him up and removed an organ. Just like that. All in a day’s work.

My family scrambled to help me with the kids  while I stayed at the hospital for 24 hours with Nate.  He laid low for a few days and wore stretchy pants, but now he’s doing fine and back to his old self….minus one not-so-vital organ.   That was a little over a week ago.  He’s a trooper.  Although he misses the stretchy pants.

Thankfully, it happened during the only 2-week stretch that we have free until Easter, so he had some time to recover.  We left this past weekend for Gulfport, MS, where we attended their annual missions conference to share about the Lord’s work in Latin America.  We have been invited to share at various missions conferences every single weekend between now and mid-April, so we have a few months of craziness ahead of us. (More on that later.)  I’m very glad that his appendix chose to bite the dust at a (somewhat) convenient time!

So that’s what’s going on with us.  2012 has certainly started with a bang!


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