Your last name is Bottom?

You might notice a couple of changes around here….  a new header with new pics and a new title.

I have been meaning to change the blog title for awhile and never got around to it.  “Life with the Bonhams” is kind of boring (despite the fact that the Bonhams’ actual lives are far from boring!)   I love word-play titles, especially those that have a name worked in somehow…  Something a little creative, but still with the name in it so people know whose blog it is.  For example, my sister just re-started her blog and called it “Madden Happy.”  Love it.

And considering the fact that everyone always thinks our last name is “Bottom” when I introduce myself, I thought this one is fitting.

Speaking of,  my favorite story about that is from my first day of teaching 4-year-old Sunday School, not too long after Nate and I got married.

Me:    Hey guys!  My name is Nikki Bonham. 

Kid:   Your name is Nikki BOTTOM? Your last name is BOTTOM?  

Me:    No, BONHAM.

Kid:   Bottom like PEE-PEE?!  <cue hysterical 4-year-old laughter>

Me:    …Just call me Nikki. 

After church, I told Nate what happened.  His response? “Welcome to my entire childhood.” 

So there ya go.  Welcome to The Bonham Line.


4 thoughts on “Your last name is Bottom?

  1. Hahahaha!!! Great post!! Now I understand Nate better… been abused since childhood! Thankfully your boys will grow up in a Spanish speaking country, where “bottom” is a completely different word!!!

  2. Well, with last name previously of Gehrke (you can imagine what people did with that) and a new one of Lokey (Gil warned me that it was often brutilized but I didn’t believe him!) I sure can sympathize. I like your new heading and sure do enjoy watching the boys and your life grow! Love you all, Marilyn

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