We’re back!

So you know how I was going to relax on a cruise ship last week?  It didn’t happen.  The relaxing part, I mean.  It turns out that cruising with two 19-month-old little boys is not relaxing at all.  It’s fun, for sure, but requires much more energy than I imagined.

But the boys absolutely LOVED it.  They are now obsessed with boats.  Barrett would get very emotional every time he saw one.  I’m talking about some serious passion here, people.  Standing on our balcony watching the boats go by was one of their favorite things to do.

They also love waving and blowing kisses at strangers, so being on a boat with 8,000 people provided quite a few opportunities for that.  They were definitely a hit and had lots of fans by the end of the week….but mostly because cruise ships have nonstop music, which means the boys put on spontaneous dance performances throughout the day.  A set of dancing 1-yr-old twins draws a crowd.

And the ship was awesome- it’s currently the largest ship in the world, and it certainly felt like it!  It was HUGE. There are sections of the boat that we never even saw, just because we didn’t have time.  It was a great ship.  Good thing we went with Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas instead of, say, Costa Concordia.    (Sidenote: Being on a cruise ship when one of the biggest news stories at the time is of a cruise ship that sunk is….interesting, to say the least.)

Of course I took my camera with me everywhere and took lots of pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites:

(If you want to see the full album, click here.)

It was a fun week. But now that we’re home, the munchkins are wondering why I don’t have dance music playing during dinner and why there isn’t a buffet of food around every corner.  When you have a week of days spent eating, dancing, swimming, and napping, it’s hard to go back to playing with cars on the living room floor with mom.

And now, yet another “last” has been checked off the list, and it feels like I’m one step closer to The Big Move.  Bittersweet.  I guess the next family vacation will be when I can convince the whole family to all come visit us in Latin America at the same time!

(ps – we’ve got some big, exciting news coming later this week… be sure to check back!)


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