Catching up.

I’m a couple of posts behind in the December Photo Project, which is really stressing Emily out because she is counting on me to post daily.  She actually wishes I would post multiple times a day, but I told her that I just can’t do it.  I just cant keep up with that kind of pressure.  Sorry, Emily.

Anyway. Here are a few pictures from the past few days…

Rainy/cold/fussy days always result in forts being built all over the house.  Their newest fort creation is a pack-n-play on its side with a blanket.  Genius.  They loved it.  They are in there, but its too dark to see them.

As you can see from this next batch, Barrett has figured out what it means when I tell him, “say cheese!”  I have very few pictures of me with the boys, so I took a few the other night…although I probably should have waited until the next day when I wasn’t in glasses, crazy hair, and pajamas.  Oh well.  But at least now I have a few updated pictures of these silly boys with their mama.

And this is what every morning in our house looks like…little helpers who want to be involved in every aspect of getting ready.

I love having helpers. I bet I could fit a few more babies on that countertop.

(I’m liking black and white photos these days, in case you didn’t notice.)

This afternoon we’re heading over to see Baby Griffin, so I’ll be sure to take about 400 pictures of him for you, and I’ll hook you up with another photo-heavy post.  You’re welcome.


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