Christmas Card 2011

We haven’t sent out Christmas cards in years, so this year we decided to give it a shot.  We didn’t have the budget or the time to address a million of them, but we figured we could probably do a few.  And when Nate tasked me with the job of getting a decent picture, I doubted it would be possible to get a posed picture of the boys, both looking at the camera and smiling.

So of course I called for backup.  My mom and I pulled out some fun decorations, bribed the boys with jingle bells and candy canes, and had a mini photo shoot.  Although it ended abruptly when Noah picked up a glass Christmas ornament, bit into it, and had the entire thing shatter INSIDE HIS MOUTH.

(Sidenote: This is why I now have shatter-proof ornaments. Because who knew that babies could BITE them?)

After I stripped him down, scooped the tiny ornament pieces out of his mouth, cleaned up the blood, wiped the tears, and gave him a popsicle to make it all better, I sat down and clicked through the pictures to see if we had any good ones.  Here are a few that we didn’t use, but still make me smile:

Once we put them into the rocking chairs, we got lots of serious faces. That is, until my mom started saying, “I’m gunna get your toes!” … at which point, unstoppable squealing and giggling fits ensued.  So we ended up with alot of pictures that look like this:

Silly, laughing boys.  But in the end, this shot was the winner:

You’ll notice they are holding up their toes so that Nanny can get them.  And the bright red ornament in between their rocking chairs is the one that Noah scooped up and mistook for an apple.

So that’s the one that went out, along with a short Christmas letter giving some updates about what 2011 had in store for us.

In case you are interested in seeing it, here ya go.    Merry Christmas from the Bonhams (:

Text from Christmas Letter:

Dear Family and Friends,

We aren’t normally ones to write a Christmas letter, but this year has certainly proven to be quite eventful for the Bonham household! We’ve had a lot going on that has been exciting, scary, and joyful— but we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

 As many of you know, this year our family accepted a call to the mission field. Missions is something that has been on our hearts for years, but the Lord has finally opened the doors for us to go. We will be serving and training in Costa Rica for two years, then going to start churches in a to-be-determined country in Latin America. We are currently in the process of raising monthly support to be able to go. We hope to leave in August of 2012.

 Noah and Barrett continue to light up our lives. In June, they celebrated their 1st birthday (already!). They are running around and being typical 18-month-olds—getting into everything, eating everything, and saying everything (or nothing, not sure which). They keep us on our feet but are so much fun. We just can’t believe how big they are already!

 Nikki has had the blessing of being able to stay at home with the boys. They make her earn her paycheck all day long! And since this is our last stretch of time living here, she’s trying to make the most of it by spending lots of time with friends and family while trying to prepare for moving our household to Costa Rica in a few months.

 It’s been quite an eventful year for Nate. In May, he graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary after 4 years of studying. In November, he was ordained as a missionary pastor into the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). He continues to be on staff at Madison Heights Church as a pastoral assistant and youth director for the next several months.

Finally, the twins will be big brotherslittle brothers… who knows? We are thrilled that the Lord has called us to adopt! Over the summer, we began the long process of adoption from Costa Rica. It will take 2-3 years, which would mean we will finalize the process during our time living in Costa Rica, Lord-willing. At this point, we still don’t know if it will be 1 child or 2 siblings, and if they will be older or younger than our boys, or both—whatever the Lord provides. Either way, we are excited about growing our family and can’t wait to meet the newest Bonham(s)!

All the events of 2011 certainly carry aspects of excitement, scariness, and joy, but we are thankful for God’s grace and supportive family and friends. We are thankful for all of you and hope you are blessed during this CHRISTmas season!

Love, Nate, Nikki, Noah, & Barrett


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