Hands. (dpp16)

Yesterday I was cleaning out the diaper bag from the boys’ previous day at Mothers Morning Out. At the bottom of the bag, I found two little red packages, with tags that said “love, Barrett” and “love, Noah.”    I had no clue what they were, but I opened them up to find these:

What a fun little Christmas surprise from their MMO teachers!  I love them.

Nate and I had a laugh over how much bigger Noah’s hand is than Barrett’s. And I can only imagine the time that they had getting Noah to cooperate, considering whenever I put paint on his hand at home, he completely loses his mind.  That kid doesn’t like his hands to be dirty….which in itself is surprising since Barrett is the OCD clean freak around here.

But they sure are cute. Thanks, MMO ladies. Y’all rock (:


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