Here comes Santa Clause… (dpp15)

We have alot of Christmas traditions in our family, and one tradition I can always count on is the fact that my dad is going to show up multiple times, in multiple places, dressed as Santa.  He might even have been known to make the rounds in Cracker Barrel as jolly ol’ St. Nick.  Just because he loves it.

(And actually, this isn’t limited to only the Christmas season.  I remember thinking in high school that I was probably the only kid at my school who had breakfast with santa on random days in September.  Or April.  Or whenever he got the urge to try on the Santa suit.)

He also has an Easter Bunny costume and an assortment of masks, hats, crazy slippers, etc. It’s fun growing up with a dad who loves to dress up for his kids.  And the only thing better than that is having a GRANDFATHER who loves to dress up for his grandkids…The boys (and their cousins) are blessed indeed (:

So it was no surprise to find out that dad had agreed to be Santa at the boys’ (and Clark’s) Mothers Morning Out class for their Christmas Party.  Several classes of kids from 6months — 3 years, and he was going to visit each one.

The only problem was that the boys had never seen their Granddaddy dressed as Santa.  We should have prepped them for that.  Oops.

It wasn’t a hit. Thankfully they didn’t cry for the whole party… just the Santa part. But they were definitely a little wary of what was going on.

So hopefully Noah, Barrett, and Clark (and all the other 1-year-olds) weren’t scarred for life.  Turns out 1 year olds are a tough crowd for Santa.  Maybe next year we’ll try again if Santa can make a trip to Costa Rica!


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