taking {advantage of} what I can get. (dpp14)

The boys are recently a little obsessed with learning the names of things, sorting things, matching things, and closing drawers. They clap for themselves every time they do any of those things.  It’s like their own little party.

I have decided to cash in on this.

a plastic drawer bin, a few labels on the computer, and voila! new game!

I wonder how long it will take them to realize that the “match the toys and close the drawers” game is actually child labor  guided chores?

I dont know.  But for now I’m going to make up a song about it, smile really big, pretend that this game is awesome, and take advantage of my children’s newest developmental milestone.


2 thoughts on “taking {advantage of} what I can get. (dpp14)

  1. Awesome! When I taught preschool this was a great concept and the kids got the hang of it and did really well!!! They’ll get the hang of it :)

  2. You’re so organized!! Please bring your boys and come play games at my house! I’ll provide the computer, printer, and sticky paper!!!
    By the way, I’m glad this was the last day of Bible study. It’s been awful all day. Fruit of the Spirit? Not exactly…

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