Half way and waiting… (dpp12)

(I’m skipping day 11, but I’ll come back to it.)

Today we are half way through our bag of Jesse Tree advent ornaments, and I am still loving it.  I’ve been focusing alot more on advent this year than I have any other Christmas, and it has totally changed the Christmas season for me.  Well, that and having curious 18-month-olds who point out every Christmas decoration every where we go.  Every. Single. One.

To say I see Christmas a little differently this year is an understatement.

But I do think that most of it is a result of a more finely tuned focus, a more purposeful and intentional mindset on anticipation.  



We sang Come Thou Long Expected Jesus in church on Sunday, and I’ve had it in my head (and mp3 player) ever since.  Good stuff.

Here’s how the mantle looks at the halfway mark: (on the mantle instead of the tree to keep curious hands and paws from grabbing them!)

{12 days in, but only 11 ornaments - one broke in the bag. Anyone have a sharp enough eye to tell me which one is missing?}

So we’ll continue waiting for Christmas, putting up each ornament, and celebrating the fulfillment of promises…and we’ll keep tuning our thoughts and hearts to wait and long for something even greater.  Come, Lord, come!


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