I dont know where he gets it from… (DPP9)

These days, the boys think its funny to pretend to go “night-night” at random times and random places throughout the day.   Today they grabbed a blanket and a pillow and snuggled down on the living room floor, saying “night-night” over and over again.  It was cute.

What happened next proved to me that these boys really are just like their parents. They played out a scene that basically happens every single night when Nate and I go to bed.

The snuggling was going great until Noah rolled over and took all of the covers with him.  All of them. Leaving Barrett bare-legged and cold.  Barrett wasn’t quite sure what to think about this turn of events.

He started off by (somewhat) gently trying to get a bit of the blanket back for himself.

No luck. Noah didn’t budge. Groaned a little, but didn’t budge.  So Barrett got a little more forceful.

No luck. So he asked for help.

Noah is still in a hardcore pretend sleep.  Every now and then he would mumble “night-night.” Barrett was giving me that “SERIOUSLY, mom? You’re just going to sit there?” look.   It’s hard for a little guy around here.

Noah doesn’t even seem to notice what’s going on. Barrett is getting louder.

I’m pretty sure Noah’s face says, “I dont see why this arrangement isn’t working out for everyone else. I am nice and toasty, so what’s the problem?”

At this point I put the camera down, picked up a big red fuzzy blanket, and tucked Barrett back in beside his brother.  And they both settled back into their little chorus of “night-night” and giggling at each other.  Tantrum (barely) averted.

And while I won’t say who the guilty party is in the grown-up version of this same scenario, I will say that one of those boys resembles his mama in more than just looks, and that I am usually toasty warm at night.   I won’t speak for Nate (:


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