Official crib testers (DPP7)

Last night the boys and I headed over to Kelly & Clark’s house to play and eat supper.  The three little dudes ran around the living room playing with cars and making vroom-vroom noises, while Kelly cooked supper and helped me mentally sort through some adoption stuff (with the occasional interruption to go break up a toddler fight).

Kelly and I are getting as many of these play dates in as possible right now, because once baby Griffin graces us with his gigantic baby presence, we might have to take some time off from playing while Kelly adjusts to life with a 2 year old and a newborn…because I’m sure me busting up in her place with my two maniacs won’t make life any easier for her during the sleepless newborn stage.

So for now we’re taking advantage of it….even though we’re all anxiously awaiting Griffin’s birthday.  I’m so ready to meet that little boy.  Not as ready as his mama is, I’m sure, but I think I can accurately say that of all the people in the world who are not one of Griffin’s immediate relatives, I am the most excited.  Although I’m pretty much a relative.

Last night we sat in Griffin’s room and looked at all of his cute little baby things.  The boys decided to get in on the action and make sure the crib is good and safe.  Especially since Griffin is projected to be a giant.  He might be the biggest, fattest baby to ever be born.  It wouldn’t surprise me.  So it makes sense that the crib should be tested to make sure it can hold the weight of the worlds most giant baby.  At least, that’s what the 3 munchkins thought.

A little blurry partly because it’s from my cell phone, but mostly because all 3 boys were jumping like madmen and squealing like crazy people.  Apparently grabbing the side of a crib rail and jumping as high as possible is the funnest thing in the universe, because they were loving it.

And now we know for sure that if Griffin happens to weigh as much as 3 toddlers combined, he will not break the bed.  And it will probably hold up even if it turns out that Griffin is actually a baby kangaroo.  This crib can handle it.

So come on, baby Griffin.  I’m ready to snuggle your fat little self.  And as long as none of these boys get the urge to do acrobatics in the crib while you’re sleeping in it, you should be fine.

*This post is part of the December Photo Project. 


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