Happy Birthday, Beckham! (DPP8)

Today our sweet little nephew, Beckham, turned 2 years old. (When did he get that big??)  Tonight we went to GattiTown to eat pizza and celebrate with the little dude.  And although my boys weren’t quite big enough to play all the fun games, they enjoyed running around, pointing at the lights, and dancing to the loud music.

When Lacey and Beckham jumped into the simulated roller-coaster thing, my boys and I decided to give it a try too…even though I’m pretty sure they had no idea what was going on.

And yes, you should excuse my super-weird, funky looking hair.  It’s still not back to normal yet. Just go with it.

And yes, that is Jane Bradley walking behind us in the sequinned-covered awesome hat with the sparkly broach attached to the side.  Because she’s awesome, and that’s how she rolls.

Fun night with my fun family celebrating two years with a fun little boy.

Even though in my head he still looks like he did the first day I met him.

Happy Birthday, Beckham. Nik-Nik and Nateypoo love you!


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