And the stockings were hung… (DPP4)

Last year I bought a bunch of fabric to sew new Christmas stockings for the boys on their first Christmas.  Unfortunately, they never got made.  You know, busy time of year and all. So the boys didnt have stockings for their first Christmas. I might be a horrible mother.

(If anyone asked, we just told them that the 2 stockings hanging from the mantle were the boys’, and that WE were the ones with no stockings.)

But in my determination not to let all of my beautiful fabric that I’ve saved up over the years go to waste and have to be tossed out before I move to Costa Rica, I am determined to get to all those projects that have been put aside in the past.

So last night  I found a super easy stocking pattern on pinterest,  busted out the ol’ sewing machine and last year’s Christmas stocking fabric, and I got to work making 4 coordinating stockings for our family.

If I had the talent and capability, I’d monogram them.  But I dont know how to do it, and I don’t have a machine that will do it for me.

And here’s a closer look at the fabric I used:

green houndstooth, brown polka dot, red stripe, and green floralish

I like how they turned out.   They were pretty easy and didn’t take very long, and even a sewing amateur like me could do them.

On to the next project!


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