Where to start.

“I wonder if we should adopt.”

“How do you know if you’re called to adoption?”

“I’ve thought about it before, but I wouldn’t know where to start.”

I’ve heard all of those before.  I’ve thought all of those before.  Maybe you have too.   If you are wondering about adoption, wondering if it’s something for your family, or even just wondering if you should even look into it at all, here’s a great place to start.

Bethany Christian Services, Lifeline Childrens Services, and Lifesong for Orphans joined together to create an adoption resource for people asking those very questions.  Their collaborative purpose statement is as follows:

AdoptionJourney.org is a collective of organizations who want to break down the barriers to adoption. Our goal is to foster honest conversations about the adoption process, offer comprehensive yet easily accessible information about domestic and foreign adoption, and connect those who’ve already adopted with those who are thinking about it.

We are hope producers, future generators, and joy catalysts for orphans and families around the world. We are Bethany Christian Services, Lifesong for Orphans, and Lifeline Children Services.

To that end, they have created a website for people who are just beginning the process of researching and discovering adoption.  At their site, you can get answers to some of the most common questions asked by those who are thinking about adoption, find out what the process looks like,  look into various countries/regions and learn about the needs, read lots of stories from other adoptive families, talk to an adoptive family, and even start the process of connecting with an agency. 

I was pretty impressed when I came across it.  These are three great agencies, working together for a common cause: caring for orphans and their families.   If the thought of adoption keeps rolling around your brain, nagging at you for a tiny bit of attention, begging for you to think a little deeper….AdoptionJourney.org is a great place to start.  Check it out.


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