Be the Village

You know the old African proverb that says, “it takes a village to raise a child?”

Well, most people who have adopted will tell you that after the adoption was finalized, after their new baby/toddler/child was safely at home with their family, they needed the village.  Desperately.

I’ve heard that the adoption process is hard.  I’ve heard that the days afterwards are even harder.  So if there’s one piece of advice that I’ve heard most for people who are wanting to support their friends/family during the process, it’s this:  Don’t disappear.  Don’t think that once the baby’s home, the “process” is over.  It just started.  Be the village.

On that note, I’ve hunted for some great articles, posts, and resources for people who want to be the village for their friends who are adopting.  Whether your friend is in the paperwork part of the process or trying to adjust at home, learn how you can be a support for them.  Learn how you can walk with them through all parts of the process.  Learn how to love them well.

If you know someone who is adopting and you want to love them well during this time, check out the links below!  (and if you have any additional tips or resources, add them in the comments)

This is just another way to support adoption, care for orphans, and love children in need.  Love them by loving their families. By praying for them. By showing them you care before they arrive, and long after they’ve come home.  Be there.  Be present.  Be the village.


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