A heavy calling

Yesterday was a big day.  I sat at church in the second row and watched as a group of men whom I respect immensely gathered around my husband, laid hands on him, and prayed over him.  I watched as they challenged him and encouraged him with Scripture.  I watched as Nate, with tears in his eyes, answered the ‘Ordination Questions’ and shook hands with each of the elders who stood with him as they welcomed him into the ministry.

I sat there, welled up with emotion, because I know Nate.  I know  how hard he has worked to get here.  I know how seriously he takes this calling.   I know how much more this meant to him than simply a ceremony marking a milestone.  I know how much his humble heart would have rather had a private service than something in front of an entire congregation.  He hates being the center of attention.  But that’s okay, because I was proud enough for the both of us.

I’m so proud of his hard work.  I’m so proud of the way he follows the Lord’s lead, wherever that may take him (and us).  I’m so proud of the way that he diligently makes sure that his primary role is still husband and daddy.  I’m more proud of him than I could ever express, and more humbled than ever that the Lord picked me to be his wife.

In the car on the way home, I asked Nate, “So, do you feel like a big weight has been lifted off now that the service is over?”  And he said, “I felt like a big weight was lifted off after my final exam was over a couple of weeks ago.   But today, I feel like an even bigger weight has been put back on. This is a heavy calling.”

The back page of our worship folder, which had the order of service for the ordination
Josh reading and Nate answering the 'Ordination Questions'
The elders laying hands on Nate and praying over him. This is my favorite picture of the day.
The elders each offered Nate "the right hand of fellowship" and welcomed him into the ministry. This is Nate shaking hands with and hugging my grandfather.
Nate shaking hands with and hugging Josh
the first time to see it written out in print - Reverend Nathaniel A. Bonham. His first official act as a pastor was to close the service with a prayer and benediction.
The church gave Nate a Bible as an ordination gift inscribed with 'Rev. Nate Bonham,' and it was signed by all of the elders and deacons at Madison Heights.

I’m proud of you, Nate.   Proud to be your wife, proud to walk with you in ministry and serve you however I can.  And while we’ve passed another milestone, the journey is far from over!

5 thoughts on “A heavy calling

  1. What a blessing it was to read this! What a blessing of the Lord that He gave you both to each other and is continuing to equip and grow you for His glory and the good of those lives you all reach. So thankful to have watched you grown and so privileged to pray for you all!

  2. Nikki,
    I have the chill bumps after reading your post. We are so proud of Nate & where God has brought him. Thank you so much for being his help-mate along the way. May God continue to supply all your needs in the future.

  3. Dear Nate and Nikki, I heard from Kathy that your ordination was to take place on Sunday and am so proud of both of you for the hard work and dedication that let to this wonderful day. Congratulations. I know that our loving Lord and Savior has great plans in store for you.

    Marilyn Gehrke Lokey

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