A little glimpse of Costa Rica

Back in July, we visited Costa Rica for the first time.  We took a team of 11 people (including baby Matthew Kines) from our church.  8 of them went to a rural, poor area of Costa Rica to do construction on a church, visit with the families in the community, and host a VBS for the kids.  Emily, baby Matthew, and I stayed in San Jose to find out more information about our upcoming move. Overall, it was an amazing week for everyone involved, and we are forever grateful for the team that traveled to Costa Rica with us.  They are the first ones from our church to get a first-hand taste of our ministry in Latin America.

Nate put together a short video about our trip – it features photos, video footage of our time in Costa Rica, and clips of the team members sharing what impacted them about the trip.  Please take a few minutes to watch!

And please pray about supporting our ministry in Latin America on a long-term basis.  Our ONE HUNDRED campaign is still on-going, and WE STILL NEED PARTNERS who will sign on to support us and our ministry on a monthly basis.  If you are interested in being a part of this campaign, or just supporting us in general, please don’t wait to let us know!


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