Weekend love.

Thursday night I said jokingly to Nate, “You should just work from home tomorrow so you can spend the entire day with me.  And since I pretty much call the shots around here, I am declaring that to be the plan.”

(I make lots of jokes about calling the shots. I actually call none of them, and we are both very okay with that.  I’m pretty sure we’d all fall apart if I were in charge.)

But then a crazy thing happened.  Friday morning, Nate stayed home.  He worked during naptime and played during playtime.  It was perfect. My first thought was, “It worked.  I called the shots and it worked.”

In all honesty, though, I’m pretty sure my shot-calling had nothing to do with it.   But either way, I was thankful that he picked up on the fact that a family day was just what we needed.

It led right into a super fun weekend of beautiful weather and happy boys.  In addition to a fun evening at Kelly’s house with some of our friends (and 6 kids + 3 more in utero), here’s a photo-run-down of the weekend:

They discovered a ready-made fort under Barrett’s crib.  Who knew there was a big empty space under there perfect for crawling around?  Bedskirt = tent walls.

All 3 boys got in on the fort action.

Then we headed outside to play, and I decided to start tackling the overgrown forest in the corner of the yard.  Other than the tree, I don’t know what’s  a weed and what’s a plant.  So they’re all going.  I started ripping green things out at the roots and tossing them into a wheelbarrow.  The big bare spot on the side used to be a disgusting safety hazard disguised as a nasty, mosquito-breeding fountain that the previous owners left.  But we ripped that out last weekend and filled the hole with dirt.  Now I just have to pull all the weeds/plants/mystery greenery and start over.

Meanwhile, this was happening in the other corner of the yard:

In the midst of my weed-pulling, I stumbled upon this guy:

He was a feisty one.  Not afraid of a thing. 

The boys were mesmerized.  Elmo was a little confused.

Barrett was more than willing to get a close up look. 

Noah was fine until this happened…. a little too close for comfort.  In his book, a turtle near your foot prompts immediate sobbing. A huge mental breakdown.  We will have to work on this before we move to Latin America in a few months.

While Nate cheered Noah back up, Barrett got to work hauling away the weeds.  He didnt get far.  It was a little heavy.

They spent a little time in their play kitchen…

And helped dad work on the riding mower.

Lawn mower maintenance takes a good bit longer with “helpers.”  Especially when you are trying to jump start it, then taking the whole thing apart into a hundred pieces in the middle of the carport to figure out why it won’t work.

Thankfully, they have a patient daddy.  (And they actually got it working, which led to taking the boys on a victory lap around the yard, which they loved.)

This is the new indoor play spot… the two side-chairs with the lamp.  Alot of time is spent here in the evenings these days.

Then on Sunday, Nate and Josh did a short presentation about our new HUNDRED campaign at church. (If you meant to get a brochure at the table in the lobby and forgot, you can download one here.)

That about sums up our weekend.

I think I’ll start demanding that Nate stays home more often.


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