The other day I got a text from Nate that said, “I think you left the bag open that your blog was in because it’s starting to get stale.”

Guess who’s married to a comedian?  This girl.

I went 2 weeks or so without posting, but that was because I knew that I needed to do a post about our support-raising campaign for our mission work.  I started to write it several times, then always got stuck and quit.

Guess what? It’s hard to ask for money.

But it’s part of it.  We can’t even make our plans to leave or finish our training without funds in our support account.  We can’t get visas or buy plane tickets until we’ve received all of our pledges.  We can’t plant churches and do mercy ministry without resources.  We can’t do anything without a support system back home.

It’s easy to ask for prayer and emotional support.  But it’s hard to ask for financial support.

Why is that??  I don’t know.  I’m scared I’m going to offend someone or put them on the spot.  I’m scared they’ll say no.  I’m scared they’ll feel weird, which will make me feel weird.

Basically, I’m a pansy.

But I still need to ask.  And really, I’m not asking people to give money to me.  I’m asking them to give money to missions.  To the Lord’s work in Latin America.  To real, hands-on ministry to real, hurting people in other parts of the world.

Why is it hard to ask people to give money for that?   I don’t know. It shouldn’t be, but it is.  And I got writer’s block trying to do it.

So that’s why my blog got stale.  Sorry about that (:

(and if you would like to support us financially as we move to Latin America, check out yesterday’s post.)


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