My apologies to the lighting.

I always thought my laundry room had bad lighting.

My kitchen cabinets are old and peeling, but the color isn’t so bad.  They just desperately need a new coat of paint.   But then I would walk into the laundry room, and I HATED it.   Everything just looked so dingy and discolored.  There was a big difference between the way everything looked in the kitchen and the way everything looked in the laundry room, so I kept thinking I needed to change out the light fixture to brighten it up in there.

Turns out I was wrong.

I went to add another coat of paint to the laundry room cabinets, and guess what?  I brushed a tiny bit of white trim paint onto the cabinets and quickly found out that my lighting is fine.  MY CABINETS ARE YELLOW.  They are not the same color as my kitchen cabinets.  Seriously.  Yellow cabinets.  Or at least, a shade of yellow that’s trying hard to pass itself off as cream.  My apologies to the lighting.  It was not your fault, yet I have been blaming you for 2 years.

So my quick fix laundry room makeover turned into a complete laundry room overhaul.  I painted the whole thing.  Walls, cabinets, trim, even the door.  Because like I said, it was yellow. I just didn’t know it.

I don’t have a “before” picture, but here’s what the laundry room looks like now…and considering the fact that some of the walls were bare sheetrock, and my cabinets were YELLOW, this is an improvement!  And by the way, the green walls are actually a pretty neutral/muted color…but they’re showing up really bright in these pictures.

^ view from the kitchen... ignore the red wall on the left of the kitchen -it will turn green soon. The kitchen is a work in progress.
^ I cant get the whole room in a picture.... its too small. But there are small shelves to the right, and a shelf above the door. That's about it. But look how great the cabinets look now!

I should have taken a picture before I started.   But this is the best example I’ve got of the cabinets…  This is halfway through the process of painting the door:

^ Insets are obviously the old cabinet color.

Seriously.  How did I not know?    But I have been convinced for two years that the golden hue in my laundry room was nothing but a bad light bulb.   Which now gives me all the more motivation to paint my entire house.  All of it. Who knows what else a little paint will fix?


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