Last night Nate got home around 10:45pm, happier than I have seen him in months.  He had just completed the hardest step in the ordination process, the dreaded oral examination administered by the MS Valley Presbytery Credentials Committee.

He has been studying for months.  MONTHS.   I’ve watched him carry the weight of this impending exam, and I’ve known that he has been much more stressed than he has let on…partly because the exam is hard, and partly because it’s another reminder that this calling of his is serious business.

But after a long day and a late night, Nate returned home with a swing in his step and a smile on his face.   After 3.5 hrs of questioning, the committee approved him, and now he only has one more step in the ordination process.  The hard part is over.

To all of those who have been praying for him through this process, thank you.  He felt your prayers.  He appreciates you more than you know.  We both do.

Even though we’ve passed a huge milestone in this process, the work is nowhere near from over.   Of course, he still woke up this morning and hit the ground running.   He and Josh head out tomorrow on a trip to meet with 6 churches in 6 days!  It will be a whirlwind trip, but they are excited.  We are thrilled that so many people are giving us the opportunity to share our vision and passion with them, and we hope to have lots of new partners in ministry from this trip — people who have a heart and passion for missions and want to work closely with us while we’re on the field.

Plus I think Nate and Josh just want an excuse to take a road trip.  They’re such nerds.

So keep on praying for Nate. And Josh.  And the rest of our families, while you’re at it!  The weight of that exam is over, but the weight of what God is calling us to is even greater.  As we’re sharing it with people every chance we get, pray that God will open hearts and minds (and even some wallets) and instill a love for our mission into the people we come in contact with.  Pray that we wont lose heart through the long process of raising support, planning, and preparing.  Pray that Nate will finish the rest of the ordination process without a hitch.  Pray that God will keep working in our hearts, and that we’ll depend on him through all of it.

Basically, just pray.  We can tell you’ve been doing it already, and for that, we’re thankful.  Keep it up (:

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