Month 13

I wasn’t going to continue with the monthly updates for the boys.  My plan was just to do the first year, then do occasional updates after that.  But then they decided to suddenly take some developmental leaps and bounds this past month, so I figured I’d go ahead and write out a couple of things so that I don’t forget.   I won’t do as much though… I’ll just hit the highlights.

Walking! Or, at least trying… Barrett started a couple of months ago with a few steps here and there, but the past week he has really started trying to go the distance.  Noah got a little jealous hearing us cheer for Barrett, so he started taking a few steps last weekend.  Neither of them are walking 100% of the time, but they are both trying!

(if you cannot see the video, click here)

Barrett has also really picked up on baby signs.  We have been working on them for awhile, but I think it just clicked in the last couple of weeks.  He can sign more, fish, dog, ball, milk, daddy (although he doesnt do it much!), bird, want, and sleep.   We’re working on eat, mama, cat, water and a few others.   He will also do little games and tricks.  If I say “how old are you?” he holds up one finger.  He plays patty cake.  If I say “how big is Barrett?” he’ll reach his arms up as high as he can.  If I say, “show me them guns!” he does his own version of a muscle-flex and grunts.  It kills me.

Noah can also sign ball, but that’s as far as he is willing to go with the baby signs.  He’ll wave and give high fives, but that’s about it.  He has started a little game where he lays his head down and wants me to copy him, and he gets all excited whenever I do.

He’s mainly interested in spending his time learning to climb EVERYTHING.  He’s all over the place, and since he has learned to get back down from anything he climbs on top of, we haven’t had any falls… yet. Sometimes Barrett follows him on his adventures, but he is much more cautious.

And he’s still his sociable, friendly little self.  Everywhere we go, he wants to be held and passed around to everybody in the room.  He often raises his arms to be picked up by the people in line behind us at the grocery store.

Barrett has gotten noticeably better at tolerating strangers.  He has gone from glaring at anyone who looks at him to offering shy little smiles.  Usually he hides behind me afterwards, but its an improvement!  Don’t try to pick him up though, or he’ll still freak out on you. But we’re getting there (:

They’ve also started playing together in a whole new way… they have always played well, but now they chase each other around all day, giggling and picking on each other.  I love watching them interact, and I love how well they entertain each other!

The next post will probably be one about the marathon I run every day around my house chasing two walking/running kids.  Because I’m pretty sure I only have a week or two left of crawlers.

My monkeys are growing up.




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