Around 3pm, the boys wake up from their afternoon nap. Noah usually has a big grin and outstretched arms.  Barrett usually has sweaty nap hair.

They know what’s coming.  The routine is always the same.


I hand them their sippy cups, and they half crawl, half walk, half stumble like little drunk men over to the coffee table trays, where I pour out some cheerios.  It’s every man for himself, and sometimes there are casualties.  When cheerios are at stake, all bets are off.

This just might be Noah’s favorite time of the day.  Since lunch. and until supper. ONE of his favorite times.

We have a love for Cheerios around here.  (Or, ‘Honey Nut Scooters’, since we’re cheap and buy generic cereal that comes in the bag.)

And while Noah may think he’s a cheerio connoisseur, I’m pretty sure he hasn’t realized that I don’t buy him the good stuff anymore.  If he’s going to eat me out of house and home, he gets Honey Nut Scooters.

The only time snacktime is better is when I pull out the Life cereal.  These boys can put down some Life cereal.  Or, as it’s known in the Bonham house, Kroger brand ‘Living Well’ cereal.   Because those are some creative marketers.  And I’m still cheap.



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