I foresee little monsters in my future.

That one little curl gets me every time.

This kid better lose his curls by the time he’s two or I will never be able to discipline him well.  Never.  It’s too cute.  He will be an unmanageable monster.   I will raise a tyrant. 

All because of that adorable little curl above his ear.

At this point I’m thinking it’s pretty much unavoidable. 

I mean, he whines and fusses over some petty little thing, and do I correct him?  No.

I take a picture of the cuteness.

And dont even get me started on this skinny little ball of quirkiness:

I think we’d better all just agree that we’re going to overlook the grievous lack of manners my boys are going to have.

Could YOU say no to this face?

I didn’t think so. 

We’re all just a bunch of spineless pansies. But I’m okay with that.


One thought on “I foresee little monsters in my future.

  1. Somehow I think those two precious little guys are going to be just fine. But you’re right. They sure are cute!! Great post and pictures! Thanks!

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