Perdido Love

A couple weeks ago (13th-20th), we went to the beach for a little family vacation.  My parents have a place in Perdido Key, FL, so we joined them at their condo for a much-needed getaway and lots of Nanny/Grandaddy playtime. Plus, Nate’s dad lives on the coast, so the boys got to spend some time with another set of grandparents.  Needless to say, they got lots of lovin’ that week.

It wasn’t all play though.  Nate also had the privilege of preaching at his dad’s church on Father’s Day, so he was doing some sermon prep during the week.  His dad is the pastor of Peace Lutheran Church in Gulf Shores, and they invited us to come tell about our upcoming mission work.  Plus, that congregation has been faithfully praying for our babies for a LONG time, so we were excited to introduce them to the boys.

Noah especially enjoyed himself.  Every time someone walked in the door of the sanctuary, he acted like he was being reunited with his long-lost best friend.  He wanted everyone to hold him. He wanted to play with everyone’s earrings and snuggle up to them.  He passed himself around to every single person in that building and basked in the attention.  He was in his element. I’m pretty sure he single-handedly did our support raising for us!

Barrett was, as expected, skeptical of anyone who looked at him.  They were all out to get him, as far as he was concerned.  He attached himself to my hip most of the time and wouldn’t let anyone get close.  After awhile he warmed up a little and would at least give half-smiles, but nobody got to see the hilarious little Barrett we see at home.  Two very different babies, that’s for sure!

The rest of the week was spent playing in the pool (Noah is quite the fish), and splashing in the water table on the balcony.   We lounged around, ate out with my family, and enjoyed being away.  Here are a few pictures from the week, and if you would like to see more, click here to go to our online album of beach pics.

the boys with Grandpa and Grandma Bonham (Nate's dad and stepmom)


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