In case you were wondering (you probably weren’t), here are a few of the things going on around our place lately:

  • Nate is officially FINISHED with seminary.  For real. All the way finished.  One or both of us has been in school ever since we started dating. The “student” phase of our lives is finally over, and we are EXCITED.     Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that the studying is over.  Now he has to go through the ordination process, which is required to become an ordained minister in our denomination.   It’s not an easy process…he’ll start studying now and in several months will take 6 written exams and one extensive oral exam.   So until the fall, at least, it still might seem like he’s a student.  But that’s okay, because he’s got this little piece of paper to prove that he’s done!
  • Since he’s finished, we are spending this week at the BEACH.  It’s partly vacation (because we need it), partly family reunion (because Nate’s dad lives down here), and partly support raising (because Nate is preaching at a local church on Sunday)… but for me it’s 100% relaxing.   Who knew that going to the beach with two one-year-olds could be a blast?!  I’m taking lots of awesome pictures, and I’ll post some soon.  This was a much needed trip, even if Nate is having to do a little work during naptimes while he’s here (in the form of sermon prep).

    Nate's naptime workstation...the view of the bay is much nicer than his normal view of the church office's backyard (:
  • Random and off-topic, but still an update:  My hair is growing back! It stopped falling out, and most of the bald spots are starting to fill in.  So I’m letting it grow back out.  Of course I’m extremely excited, but the bad news is that its not really growing back normal. I’ve got patches of straight brown hair just like it used to be, patches of white hair, and patches of dark curly hair all over my head in different places.  Get ready to make fun of my bad hair days! I have been told to expect the alopecia to come back again – it will probably happen in cycles.   It will fall out, regrow, then fall out again in different places.  So we’ll see how long I can get it before I have to buzz it again.   I will say this though – It has been nice having no hair in this heat!! And I am down here at the beach and don’t have to worry about nasty beach hair (:  It’s awesome!
  • And just because I’m so excited that I can’t stand it, I have to mention that Kelly has finally posted some exciting news on her blog.  Go read her updates, but make sure you check out the very last one (:
  • And by the way, the monkeys said to tell you hello:

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