Month 12

This past month was a big one for the boys….well for all of us, really.  They stayed with my mom overnight while Nate and I took a little one-night getaway, we had LOTS of playdates, they went to Chattanooga for a week while we did our MTW training, plus we celebrated my 27th birthday, mothers day, AND Nate’s graduation from seminary!  It was a big month.

Here are the basics for 12 months:  Noah is weighing in at a whopping 25lbs  (80%) and he’s 30 inches tall (60%).   He’s thick.  And heavy.  And he knows how to throw his weight around…literally.  Barrett is 18lb6oz (5%) and 28.5 inches (10%).  His head, however, is in the 90%… the doctor confirmed that “he’s got a big ol’ brain in there.”  Just as I suspected!  He’s a total smarty pants.

Noah is in mostly 18 month clothes still. There are a couple of 12m clothes that fit, but not many.  Most are way too tight.  His belly is still a force to be reckoned with. And you should see those thighs.  Barrett is in 12m shirts and 6-9m bottoms…and some of them are still too loose!  All attempts at fattening up that kid are futile.

Our sleeping schedule hasn’t changed any – naps at 9:30 and 1:30ish for about 1.5–2hrs each.   Wake up at 7am, bedtime at 7pm.  Everything is still pretty consistent.  No signs of transitioning to 1 nap yet, which I am very okay with (:

Meals are still pretty consistent too.  They still get a bottle when they wake up and a bottle before bed, but I’m about to start phasing them out.  Throughout the day they get sippy cups of milk or water.  They eat 3 meals a day of pretty much all table food.  They still eat almost anything we eat…with the exception that Noah absolutely will not eat fruit.  This week I finally got him to eat blueberries, but other than that, he spits every single fruit out.  Other than that, he will eat anything and everything.   Barrett will eat just about anything, but I cant get him to eat much at a time.  He practically skips lunch every day…a decent breakfast and a usually decent dinner, but he picks at lunch no matter what I do.   At least he’s consistent, I guess… I dont know.  I have no clue what I’m doing (:    Oh, and they’ve each got 7 teeth to chomp down all that food with!

In GOOD news about Barrett and food, I transitioned him off of the hypoallergenic formula this month and onto Noah’s regular formula.  He did great and didn’t have any reactions whatsoever.  Then in the past week or so, I have started giving them whole milk during the day, and Barrett is doing great with that too.  I was a little worried because of his previous milk intolerance, but he seems to have outgrown it.  Hopefully this means that he won’t have any long-standing allergies!  I’m so glad that his little tummy is finally caught up!

^Barrett watching as a crew paved our street

As far as playtime goes, they are into everything.  They have explored my house from top to bottom.  I keep the doors to the other bedrooms and bathrooms closed off, and a baby gate blocking the kitchen, so they have free reign of the living and dining areas, the hallway, and their bedroom.  They crawl back and forth between them about a hundred times a day.  The fireplace obsession finally wore off, so now that’s not an issue anymore either.   Barrett has started walking a little, and even though he doesn’t go too far at a time without assistance, he spends most of the day upright.  He can go almost the full length of the house with just a hand on the wall.  He will let go and walk from one piece of furniture to the next, but he usually only goes 3 or 4 steps before he grabs something else.  The most he’s ever done at a time is maybe 10-12 steps.

Their favorite toys right now are water toys, the walking toys, balls, stacking blocks, their double-seater wagon, and anything they can play “fetch” with.  They also like pulling things out of bags or boxes, like the big bag of legos.  Or diapers. Or wipes.   They got a water table for their birthday and it has been a HUGE hit.  Noah likes cars or anything with a wheel or something that spins.  Barrett likes anything that comes in sets – he will dig through the toy bin until he finds two toys that are the same, and he carries them around in each hand.  Or he claps them together.  His latest obsession is two tiny rubber duck babies.

As far as talking and sounds go, they aren’t saying much.  Noah will say Dada and Baba (bottle), but those are the only two words with any meaning behind them.  Barrett will mimic all sorts of things, but he doesnt consistently say any particular word.   He has been nodding his head while saying “yep” alot, but I dont think he knows what it means….but it sure is funny when it perfectly fits the context!  He just does and says anything he sees us doing.  I’ve been doing some baby signs with them, and Noah can sign the word “ball,” and Barrett will sign “bird,”  but I think that’s only because he likes anything that has to do with using his pincer fingers!  Sometimes he’ll do a few others, but usually only as a way of copying us.  They’ll do a few little games, like patty cake, rolling a ball, peek-a-boo, etc.  If you say, “how big is Barrett?” he will raise his hands really high and expect you to say, “so big!”

Right now they love being tickled under their chin or on their legs, they love being swung upside down, bounced around, thrown in the air, or any kind of rough-housing.  Noah is absolutely 100% attached to what we call his “fleecy,” which is one of those little fleece mini-blankets with a stuffed animal head attached to it.  We have about 6 of them, and he claims them all…even the ones with Barrett’s name on them.  Barrett doesn’t care about them, so Noah just rotates them out.  He holds onto the end of it while he sucks his thumb, and sometimes its the only way to calm him down if he’s gotten worked up.  It’s kind of sweet, and I will be sad when he doesn’t love his fleecy anymore.

It seems like every day they become a little less like babies and a little more like toddlers.  I’m not really ready for that, I don’t think!  I have loved this first year – watching their little personalities develop and seeing all of the hundreds of thousands of ways that they are so different from one another, even though they’re twins.  I love that they are so incredibly quirky.   And even though it has taken so much of my time each month, I’m so glad that I sat down to write out nauseatingly long updates so that I can look back and see how much –and how quickly– they changed in just one year.

Man, I love these boys.  There’s just not much else to say other than that.


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