What I missed

Last week Nate and I spent 6 days at a mandatory spiritual development conference with our missions agency in the mountains of North Carolina. (it was AMAZING, by the way!)

My boys spent a week with their paternal grandparents, uncles and aunt in Chattanooga.  And while our week was amazing, I’m pretty sure they had the time of their lives.  Seriously, they did not want to be picked up when it was over.  They had a blast.  Thankfully, we left our cameras with them, so they got all sorts of good footage for us.  Here are a few of the things that we missed while we were gone…

Our boys had a birthday party with Nate’s side of the family, since they won’t be here for their actual birthday.  So Nate’s mom invited the uncles and aunt over (Nate’s brothers and sister-in-law) for dinner and birthday cake.

the cake!

The boys didn’t quite know what to think about the singing.

(if you can’t see the video, click here)

And yes, my southern readers, they are singing “happy birthday to yous.”  I married into a yankee family.  But they make fun of how much I say “yall,” so it all evens out.

Nick, Ben, Stef, and Chris with the boys
I think they liked it.

They took lots of exploratory “field trips” around the house, using a kitchen chair as their vehicle of choice.

(if you cannot see this video, click here)

They also got this fun new toy from Mammaw and Pappaw….which they fought over so much that it almost had to be taken away from them!

Barrett learned how to play patty-cake and roll a ball, while Noah made some serious improvement on his climbing skills.  (I have video of all of that, too!)

They also took a trip to meet all of their grandmother’s coworkers, who hear about the twins on a very regular basis.  After a year of talking about them at work, Kathy was excited to get to take them and prove that they really do exist! So they got an exciting tour of the UTC campus….at least, the human resources department.

The boys also got lots of time with each of Nate’s brothers – they all took time out of their busy work weeks to come over multiple times to help out and spend time with their nephews.  One even drove in from Nashville just to get a day with them.

Even though we weren’t there to see it, those boys got loved on all week long.  And in my book, if you’re showering love on my boys, it counts as showering love on me (:   Thanks, in-laws.  Yall are the best!





One thought on “What I missed

  1. I love it!! Happy birthday, Noah and Barrett!! Today you are one year old!! I prayed hard last year that you wouldn’t get here before June. And it’s already June again!!! Now, just don’t grow up too fast!!

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