A giveaway that will make your day.

Today I am hosting my first ever giveaway on my blog.  Are you excited? Well you should be, because this is a good one.  And in case you’re wondering if I’m a sellout or something, let me just tell you this:  I contacted the person myself and asked if she would be willing to do a giveaway on my blog. I love what she sells that much.  I just flat out begged her. No shame here, people.

Several months back, I found a great blog/website that advertises a menu plan that will enable you to prepare a full week of dinners in 1 hour.  ONE HOUR.  I thought it sounded too good to be true, but I figured that I’d give it a shot anyway.  So I downloaded the free sample menu and grocery list, and we tried it for a week.


In less than half of one naptime, I did all of the prepwork for an entire week of meals and had it all sitting in my fridge, ready to be popped in the oven or crockpot on the day we would eat it.   Dinnertime was seamless and stress free.   I couldn’t believe it.   Of course, I immediately paid for a subscription to the blog, and we’ve been doing it ever since.

Let me tell you, folks… WORTH EVERY PENNY.

So I figured I’d write a post about it, and I decided on a whim to shoot an email to the girl who runs the blog and just see if she would be interested in a giveaway in return for some free publicity.  Couldn’t hurt, right?  The worst that could happen would be that I’d get a “no.”  So I asked if she’d be willing to give away a free trial subscription to one of my lucky readers.

And readers, y’all are even luckier than you thought, because she said she’d give away THREE!

Three readers will receive a free one-month subscription to 5 Dinners 1 Hour.   To enter, just leave me a comment saying that you want in. (No requirements to “share,” “like,” “tweet,” or tell me anything fancy in the comment section.  Just tell me if you want it or not. Easy peasy.)

I’ll do the drawing on Friday night (May 6) and announce the winner over the weekend. You have until Friday at 9pm(CST) to enter.

Here’s her description on her site, but let me tell you a little more about what you’re getting.

  • The blog offers a 3-month subscription for $15.00.  This is 12 weekly menu plans, which include menus, recipes, prep instructions, and a full grocery list for the entire week.  This breaks down to 60 meals/recipes, or a quarter a meal.  She emails one month at a time to you in pdf format just before the beginning of the month, and you can print it out and stick it on your fridge.   At least, that’s what I do.
  • The menus are very flexible.  It is super easy to just follow her menu from start to finish.  Sometimes I use the suggested sides, sometimes I use whatever I have on hand.  Sometimes I switch meals around or sub something out.  It is also very easy to sub out some of the frozen or pre-prepared ingredients for fresh stuff.  It’s also easy to sub out whole-grain stuff, etc.  I often do that, just to give it a healthy boost.
  • It seriously only takes you an hour – usually less – to put all the dinners for an entire week together. I think it usually takes me about 40 minutes.
  • The meals feed 4-6 people… for our family, that means great leftovers!
  • The recipes are DELICIOUS.  I have never made anything from her menu that I didn’t like.
  • Many of the dishes are freezable, and she makes note of that on the recipe.

I love the fact that after 6 months or so of subscribing, I have a huge list of recipes and menus that are easy to prepare, delicious, and inexpensive.   It is rare these days that I don’t wake up already knowing what’s for dinner, because it’s already sitting in the fridge waiting to be cooked.

So if you want a free month to try it out, leave me a comment.  It’s totally worth it!


26 thoughts on “A giveaway that will make your day.

  1. Put me in the running. Love to cook but struggle with my child attached to my leg!!!!!

  2. I definitely want in! I remember you posting about this a while ago and had wondered if it worked out. Thanks for hosting a free giveaway!

  3. I don’t need this since I only cook for me – so these plans would give me more leftovers than I cared to have, but substitute marley’s name for my entry :) Hope your birthday is fabulous sweet friend.

  4. i’m in. I’ve heard you talk about this thing way too much to not be in. easy meals for lazy college students / students who would rather bake a cake than cook a chicken is definitely a great thing.

  5. oh i’m in for sure! i need help with meals…especially saving time as newlyweds! :)

  6. Count me in! My husband would love to have a meal that did not consist of taking it out of a to-go box!

  7. That sounds like something that would help Scott and me actually have sit-down meals together which we rarely have due to work/class schedules. Please include us.

  8. Pick me!! I struggle making healthy meals for just me! This will help me be able to plan healthy meals and have enough for leftovers or lunch the next day!

  9. I would love to win this! I totally understand what it’s like to try and cook meals with twin boys. ;) If I could make several meals in less than an hour, that would be awesome.

  10. I looked at the site again today, and it looks really good… I also noticed that you can sign up for a free one-week trial!

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