[insert witty Lord-of-the-Rings joke here]

I have never watched any of the LOTR movies in their entirety.  Granted, I have tried, but I fell asleep each time. (*gasp!*)  Give me a break.  They’re like 18 hours long.   I also haven’t read the books. (Bad english major! *slap on the wrist*)  I know, I know. 

But I have seen enough to know that theres a short, scrawny guy with a gruff voice that is obsessed with a ring and calls it “my precious.”

Enter Barrett.  A short, scrawny guy with a gruff voice that is obsessed with a ring, and if he could talk, would probably have a similar nickname for it.

Except the ring is giant and it’s purple.

It came in this set:

The third one down from the top.  And of all the things that Barrett could have chosen to get attached to and use as a security blanket of sorts during this period of separation anxiety, the purple ring is it.   Well, it’s more fuchsia actually.  Magenta. Whatever. All I know is that it has been a necessity to avoid meltdowns.  And it has to be THAT one.

For the past few couple of months, the ring has basically operated as an extension of his hand.  He plays with toys with the ring. He drinks his bottle with the ring.  He sleeps with the ring.  We even had professional portraits made of the boys, and the purple ring is in almost every single one.  Seriously.

I’m pretty sure I could surgically replace his entire hand with the purple ring  (Captain Hook style), and he would be happier.

Sometimes, if the purple ring has been misplaced, another one will do.  But not always.  Usually it takes at least 2 other colors to replace the purple one, though.

Whenever we find the ring again, he greets it like he has been reunited with his long-lost best friend.  Pure and utter joy.  Then he won’t let go for about 24 solid hours, just to make sure it doesn’t get lost again.

Once I even crawled on my belly underneath a stranger’s car in the walmart parking lot because he dropped it, and it rolled.  And he cried.  Oh, the things I do for that kid.   But he loves it.  And I love him.

Sadly, I’m pretty sure the purple ring phase is ending, because he now needs both hands in order to cruise all over the living room from one piece of furniture to the next.  Unfortunately, the purple ring isn’t great when you need to have a death-grip on the edge of the couch to keep from falling and cracking your skull.   So it is slowly spending more and more time in the toy bucket instead of in his sticky fingers.

But every now and then, he wakes up and goes straight for it, and he spends another day with “his precious.”  Today is one of those days.

And I kind of love it, because one of these days will be the very last time he ever snuggles and loves on his purple ring, and it will make me sad that another quirky little phase is over.  So I’ll happily support the ring addiction for a little longer.

But that doesn’t stop us from whispering “my precious…”  in a creepy, gruff voice whenever he starts reaching for it.  What, you don’t make fun of your children by comparing them to weird, disturbing characters from movies that are way too old for them?  Oh.  Oops.


2 thoughts on “[insert witty Lord-of-the-Rings joke here]

  1. Morgan has that same set of rings and she loves that orange one that makes all the racket. It is amazing the things we do for our kids that we love so much!

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